Monika Turska

Product Skills Limited

Product Management (F) 2017
Product Management (F)
Thursday 10:30 - 11:14

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

Pursuing the Product/Market/Organisation fit

How can we achieve the Product/Market fit in the constantly changing market conditions? Why some organisations offer more successful products than others? I believe that the long-term success of a product is dependent on a passionate and empowered product team. This session will share the lessons learned from various organisations in failing and succeeding in the pursuit of the Product/Marker/Organisation fit, from the corporate world to a start-up company.

Pursuing the Product/Market/Organisation fit    Monika Turska


Senior Product Manager experienced in leading and managing the growth of online two-sided marketplace platforms, high-traffic websites and software tools from various stages of maturity. Accomplished Product Leader believing in a cross-functional, collaborative, customer-centric and quality-oriented product team is at the core of product success stories. I encourage experimentation via hypothesis formulation and a mindset of curiosity in order to discover better ways of delivering and positioning great products. I also believe in the value of inspiration and knowledge sharing, both inside an organisation and with professional communities, therefore co-organising, participating and speaking at conferences and delivering workshops in areas related to Agile, Lean and Product Management is an important part of my professional life.



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