Sally Goble


Software Delivery (A) 2017
Software Delivery (A)
Friday 14:00 - 14:44

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Intermediate

Perfect software: the enemy of rapid delivery?

This talk is a plea to software delivery teams that the best way to ship quickly and move towards continuous delivery is to embrace imperfection and experimentation. To learn to let go!

Perfect software: the enemy of rapid delivery?    Sally Goble


Sally is a Senior Engineering Manager at Deliveroo, where she is currently responsible for creating a technical onboarding programme that will allow Deliveroo to double the size of their engineering team, seamlessly, in a year. Sally finds working at a high growth, high octane startup a great challenge and very exciting, especially because before that she worked in a 100+ year old company… Before Deliveroo she spent several years as the Head of Quality at the Guardian. There she worked in the digital development team, witnessing many changes in the way online news is delivered to readers.


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