Luke Szyrmer

Launch Tomorrow

Product Management (F) 2017
Product Management (F)
Friday 14:00 - 14:44

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

Overcoming Process Debt

Overcoming Process Debt

Technical debt applies to more than just code. It applies to all systems, including business systems like product delivery. After all, both can be reduced to inputs, processing and output. Yet if there is lots of coupling within a system, you get a drop in quality, reliability, and most importantly predictability of the output. Moreover, project deadlock can cause severe negative impacts to system speed. This talk goes into how to reap business benefits from streamlining the delivery of software, using technical debt as a systems level metaphor for business processes. It will also suggest an an architecture that is optimal for handling operational throughput of unknown size, frequency, and value (like software product management). Ultimately, though, this is about the business side of software.

Overcoming Process Debt    Luke    Szyrmer


Luke Szyrmer is the author of the #1 bestselling book “Launch Tomorrow”, a major contributor to the Startup Realbook
which collates together many product validation techniques, as well as the upcoming Overcoming Process Debt, a book on un-wrangling complicated processes in larger companies. He is a Lean Startup community activist in London, and runs regular meetups to help founders and larger companies apply Lean Startup principles such as testing to their business. He also co-organises Lean Startup Machine in London. Luke’s spoken at Lean Startup Conference, Agile on the Beach in 2016, Google Campus, Launch22, RainMaking Loft as well as all over London. Professionally, he is a product manager in financial technology. He enjoys the challenge of distilling complex technical and organisational ideas down to their essence, so others can benefit from his work.