Lyssa-Fee Crump


Agile Business (L) 2017
Agile Business (L)
Friday 11:30 - 12:14

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

Kraken Agile Marketing

This talk is about my personal journey of Agile adoption.

Having spent many years working in marketing and business development, I was use to spinning plates and wearing many hats!
However this can get stressful and a bit overwhelming. How do you prioritise when everything is high priority?

This all changed when I was introduced to Agile, and not to sound over dramatic – it changed my life!

In my talk I will share some of my Agile stories including some mistakes along with the wins!
Hopefully you will be inspired by my journey and walk away with some ideas of how to crack Agile marketing!

However, being a Cornish girl with a love of cephalopods, my presentation will have a slightly unusual theme!

Agile is now taking the business world by storm, and if you are not looking at implementing it across your entire business, as a philosophy as well as a tool kit, you are about to be left behind!
It is no longer just for your software development team.

I have been working in marketing and business development for many years. Working across departments in busy, growing businesses can be extremely demanding! So how do you make life easier whilst still being efficient and keeping to your high standards? How do you continue to bring business value?
You adopt Agile!

In my talk I will discuss my experience of implementing Agile into a reluctant sales and marketing department at an e-commerce company. We will then follow my journey to a software development company – which as we all know is the home of Agile.

I have been part of teams who have successfully implemented Agile into many departments including marketing, sales, business development, admin and recruitment!
I want to share some success stories and some failures – as we all know there is no failure only feedback.
I will also touch on how my experience as an NLP Master Practitioner has complimented my Agile journey.

Hopefully by the end of the talk you will be inspired to take the next step in your Agile journey.

Kraken Agile Marketing    Lyssa-Fee Crump


Catalyst of Disruptive Innovation

Lyssa started her Agile journey around 5 years ago and hasn’t looked back since!
She is Marketing Manager at Headforwards, an outsource software development company. She is also an NLP Master Practitioner, a STEM  Ambassador, a Young Enterprise BA, and a committee member at Software Cornwall. Wearing all those hats needs some serious Agile project management!


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