Gwen Diagram


Bonus Track (E) 2017
Bonus Track (E)
Friday 11:30 - 12:14

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

How becoming T-Shaped can cause a Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

In small teams, it’s common for people to share roles such as Scrum Master / Tester / Dev but in a lot of cases there are conflicting interests. How can a Tester adequately test when as a Scrum Master the highest priority is assisting the team to deliver? This is an experience report from when Gwen was working at a start up with a shared role of Tester, Scrum Master and DevOps and how the role affected her thinking when context switching to different roles. For example, how on more than one occasion, the scepticism of the Tester had to pull the optimism of the Scrum Master back to reality and then how the results of the testing were overshadowed by the need for the team to deliver. The T-shaped person is often looked upon as an incredibly valued member of the team but on becoming T-shaped has the person become a watered down version of their primary role?

How becoming T-Shaped can cause a Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde    Gwen Diagram


We are delighted to confirm Gwen Diagram will be our closing end note speaker for Agile on the Beach 2018.

Gwen joined us last year on the beach and delivered two great sessions, and by popular demand we are delighted to welcome her back in 2018 to close this years conference for us.

Gwen Diagram is a technology professional from Leeds who specializes in testing.  She is an avid automation evangelist with a focus on testing complemented by repeatable build processes with monitoring. She has had varied roles throughout her career including Scrum Master at a Start Up and DevOps kid at a large Financial Services organisation. She is currently a Test Manager at Sky in Leeds focusing on automation throughout the product and helping to make teams within Sky awesome places to work.

As a strong believer in making the tech industry as open and punk as possible, she co-organizes a twice yearly free day long testing conference called the Leeds Testing Atelier.  She speaks regularly at local meet-up groups, Agile Yorkshire and Leeds DevOps, duels with creative types at events like the Tech Off and speaks internationally at conferences such as Nordic Testing Days in Tallinn.

Gwen has not only worked in agile, she has also lived it by looking at her life in two week sprints which has left her with some very interesting tales to tell.  Outside of work, you will usually find her hanging around a Natural History Museum somewhere in the world marvelling at how incredibly excellent dinosaurs are, feeding pigeons or ducks, drinking the finest of pale ale or trying to figure out a way how she can improve monitoring and logging of her cats.


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