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Bonus Track (K) 2017
Bonus Track (K)
Thursday 10:30 - 12:14

Session type: Workshop (without computers)
Session level: Suitable for all

Get direction! – How story mapping helps everyone

Story mapping is a technique and book by agile practitioner Jeff Patton. Story mapping is an incredibly versatile tool for designers, product owners, researchers, heck – anyone in a product or services team that needs to see the big picture or the small detail of what they are creating. In this hands-on workshop I will share my experiences of using story mapping to help unravel the complexities of appealing to a tax tribunal, a service I have been designing for the Ministry of Justice. By using story mapping I managed to quickly: • get an overview of the existing • isolate the pain points • highlight the opportunities for improvements • identify where new services and policy needed to be implemented • create a shared understanding with a growing team • create a backlog of work Using this and other examples, participants will run through several exercises to create own story maps and adapt them to their needs. Participants will learn how to: • create a basic story map • modify story maps for different needs • leverage story mapping for producing product backlogs • design new services/products with story mapping This is a workshop I will running at Service Design in Government 2017.

Get direction! – How story mapping helps everyone    Jason Bootle


Director / Founder

Jason Bootle designs products and services. He believes in collaboration, continuous learning and committing time for reflection. Through his company Pop Gun he mentors startups and business on agile and lean methods and how to improve their business through customer centric design.




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