Craig Girvan


Software Delivery (A) 2017
Software Delivery (A)
Thursday 13:25 - 13:55

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

From Once a Month to 15 Times a Day

This is a case study of Continuous Delivery adoption over a 12month period, resulting in up to 12 releases per day, across 6 global regions with 100% up time. This talk will be useful for developers, team leaders, and business decision makers.


Company Director & Scrum Master

Scrum Master, Agile Thinker & Director of Headforwards – Craig’s passion and experience of agile software development is immense. Starting out as a Java and then .NET developer for Logica and progressing on to as a Development Team Lead, Craig worked on the initial version of Tesco Direct followed by a re-write of Tesco Groceries Online. During this time, Craig was instrumental in the adoption of Scrum within the development teams whilst also helping the overall organisation embrace the benefits of Agile.

After returning home to Cornwall, Craig and co-founder Toby Parkins set up Headforwards – an outsource software development company. Craig’s understanding and experience of Agile methodologies underpins the operational success of Headforwards as an organisation as well as contributing the foundation of agile practices within. Most recently Craig supported a team in their successful implementation of a continuous delivery pipeline for a long-term, cloud-based project for Japanese telecoms giant NTT Communications. This allows multiple releases a day to a zero-downtime, multi-region, high-availability production environment.



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