Jason Bootle

Pop Gun UK Ltd.

Product Design (F) 2017
Product Design (F)
Friday 15:15 - 15:59

Session type: Workshop (without computers)
Session level: Suitable for all

Customers Lie: How to find out what customers really want

Customers Lie: How to find out what customers really want

Asking customers what features they want is tricky business indeed – customers often have hidden motivations or don’t really understand what they want. Running low-cost and fast experiments in the market is a great way to understand what customers actually want instead of what they just say they want. This talk covers the principles of experiment design along with giving lots of examples of how people are using this in the market.

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Director / Founder

Jason Bootle designs products and services. He believes in collaboration, continuous learning and committing time for reflection. Through his company Pop Gun he mentors startups and business on agile and lean methods and how to improve their business through customer centric design.




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