James Lewis

Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks

Keynote (A - streamed to B&C) 2017
Keynote (A - streamed to B&C)
Friday 16:00 - 16:45

Session type: Keynote
Session level: Suitable for all

Closing Keynote 2017 – James Lewis – From the Bazaar to the bizarre.

A note on the future of software – Keynote James Lewis


We are delighted to confirm James Lewis Principle Consultant at Thoughtworks will be our final keynote at the conference, closing Agile on the Beach 2017.

James Lewis is a member of the ThoughtWorks Technical Advisory Board, the group that creates the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar, he contributes to industry adoption of open source and other tools, techniques, platforms and languages.

For the last few years he has been working as a coding architect on projects built using microservices; exploring new patterns and ways of working as he goes. He rather likes the fact that he got to describe his take on things jointly with Martin Fowler in an article that is influencing how people see the future of software architecture.

In short, he’s a bit of a loudmouth on architecture, programming, organisational design, lean product development and regularly speaks internationally on these and other topics. He’s quite keen on hanging out with his family, playing lego with his kids and painting Warhammer miniatures, because nerd.



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