Claire Eason-Bassett

Mackerel Sky Events

Agile Business (L) 2017
Agile Business (L)
Friday 14:00 - 14:44

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

Agile Decision Theory

We make decisions every second of every day – personal, professional, risky, simple, in design, in delivery…. This session uses the world of event management to consider and explore how we make agile decisions. What influences our decision making, particularly in pressurised contexts? And how can we use agile approaches to hone this skill for ourselves and our teams?

Agile Decision Theory    Claire Eason-Bassett


As Executive Producer at Mackerel Sky Events, Claire has developed and delivered hundreds of events.

Most notably, she has been the Event Lead for Agile on the Beach (Best Agile Event 2016) since its inception. She also holds a BSc in Mathematics, specialising in decision theory, and an MBA.

Claire and her team have been implementing Agile in the business for the last 6 years, exploring how it works for a non-software business with highly flexible and changing teams.