Eben Halford

BeLiminal LLP

Agile Teams (B) 2016
Agile Teams (B)

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

StringTheory: Hidden Connections in Teams

This session will look at what makes teams different from groups, the structures that enable teams, team motivation, organisational context, appropriate team coaching and intervention models and finally the role of social capital in facilitating teams and enriching business.

With a ball of string and a folder we will explore team dynamics and how the relationships between members can be thought of as a distinct entity that holds the key to success.”   What makes a team, a team? An exercise to explore teams.

This is a quick briefing on what teams are followed by a group exercise to explore the hidden dimension of teams. The objective is to get participants to think about what it means to be a team and to experience how connections and team structure affect the ability of people to perform as a team: a whole, greater than the sum of its individual parts.

This is a facilitated exercise and every time I run it, each group discovers new things about themselves and their part in the greater whole. I don’t know exactly what we will learn from it, it will be a step into the unknown. What I have seen is that the more you share the more you will gain from the experience, each participant building on the experience of their team mates.

Don’t worry – no one will feel exposed or subjected to ridicule – except perhaps me.



Eben started building digital products back when the web was just getting started. He built the first online insurance broking web service for Lloyds Bank in the mid 90’s and since then has held CTO positions in sectors as diverse as technology startups and branding agencies. Eben believes very strongly that the traditional model of top down organisational structure is a huge waste of human talent and that we must unlock that potential if we are to create a sustainable future for humanity. For the last ten years Eben has been helping clients find ways to unleash that untapped human potential.




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