David Leach


Agile Business (L) 2016
Agile Business (L)

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

Measuring Agile success

How do we measure success in Agile? some would say it’s easy, just measure customer satisfaction, others (whilst perhaps misinformed) might look to try and compare development team velocity.

So what does a good metric look like? In this talk I will describe the metrics that can be used at the individual, team, department and organisation level and the impact on behaviour and performance of choosing a good metric and also the negative impact when choosing a poor metric.

The weight we lose when dieting is driven by the food we eat and the exercise we take i.e the actions and activities required to reach the “lagging” metric of weight loss or BMI reduction. Otherwise its just luck if we lose weight, how much to we rely on luck in business?”

We utilise the balanced scorecard, lean finance and lean startup to help drive our knowledge and learning regarding good measures of success that drive continuous improvement, good behaviour, increased purpose and engagement.

Teams focusing on customers and continuous improvement, departments focusing on learning and innovation and the organization also focused on customers but carefully balanced with sustainability, cashflow and market share.

The use of vanity metrics boosts confidence short term but leads to longer term issues with an inability to spot changes in customer behaviour or market trends that could lead to disruption ending the organization’s ability to compete.



Having spent 14 years in Digital teams in a number of different roles both on the business and IT “sides”, I am now Head of Agile Practice, leading the Lean and Agile coaching team.

I run the meetup Agile in Covent Garden. Co-host the London Lean coffee and I have a new blog agileleachy.uk