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Product Design (F) 2016
Product Design (F)

Session type: Workshop (without computers)
Session level: Intermediate

Iterative Persona

How can you help everybody in your team understand the customer, especially if you’re not sure yourself? Persona help, but traditional persona development sometimes doesn’t work well in agile contexts.

We’ll show you how to iteratively build models of your customer with the whole team. Demonstrating practical techniques for integrating ongoing research with agile approaches to product vision and strategy.

How can you get everyone in the team to understand your customers, especially if you’re not 100% certain yourself?

Persona research-based examples of the people who use your product can help. Unfortunately in agile contexts traditional persona development often doesn’t work well.

How do we use persona when our understanding of the product and market are still evolving? What happens when we lack the resources for extended up-front research? How do teams manage changes to existing persona? How should we communicate persona to agile teams? How do we keep the value of long-term research in an environment of rapid iteration or continuous delivery?

We’ll show you how to incrementally build models of your customer with the whole team. Demonstrating practical techniques for documenting persona, communicating ongoing research, and integrating it with agile approaches to product vision and strategy.

Learning outcomes:

* When and how often to revisit persona descriptions.
* Different ways of communicating persona to agile and lean teams.
* How to revisit and modify persona without eroding trust in their validity.
* Understand the value of persona in defining and driving your product vision.
* Understand how you can refine your product persona during product development.
* How to ease the adoption of persona by involving the whole team in their creation.
* Find out how to use persona to realign your product vision as you discover product-market fit.
* Learn how to avoid a long up-front persona creation process while keeping the value of research based persona.

Iterative persona from Adrian Howard



Adrian Howard is passionate about building effective teams and great products.You’ll find him working with startup and product development teams, combining coaching & teaching with hands on UX & development work.

With more than fifteen years experience working with startups, established businesses and agencies Adrian is an active member of the Agile, Balanced Team & Lean UX communities. He regularly teaches and speaks on integrating Lean, UX and Agile methods.

You’ll often find him ranting in a corner of the bar about how agile, business and user experience folk need to play nice together. Be kind and buy him whisky.