Ian Hawkins

Siemens Healthcare

Agile Teams (B) 2016
Agile Teams (B)

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Intermediate

Incredible Agile Teams

Is your team incredible? If we had a world agile team league table, where would you come? How would you improve? This session explores what it takes to be a top performing agile team.

So you run retrospectives every sprint. You make improvements. Working software gets delivered. You’re doing good. But here’s the question, how much could you improve further? If you took the best agile team in the world and had them do your next project, how would they do in comparison? What would they do differently? Can your team be that team? This session explores what it takes to be a top performing agile team.

Incredible Agile Teams – Ian Hawkins, Siemens Healthcare, Teams 2016



Ian Hawkins is an experienced scrum master at Siemens Healthcare, working with more than 30 other scrum teams across the world on 3D medical imaging software. He runs the Agile Oxfordshire user group, bringing together agile enthusiasts from a wide variety of industries and experiences.

In recent years he and his team have explored: Test driven development, Pair programming, Shortened sprints, Simplified estimation, Reference stories, Estimation risk checklists, Team learning sessions, Inter team secondments, Mob testing, Work in progress limits and Communities of practice. Ian has also run workshops and presented at Agile Cambridge in 2014 on the subject Epic Estimation