Brett Ansley

Product Management (F) 2016
Product Management (F)

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Introductory

Accounting for Agile software

Accounting for Agile software – Brett Ansley



Reporting the cost of our projects is a necessary evil and it’s often seen a bureaucratic overhead.

Learn how to achieve a level of reporting that your financial team will love with the minimal impact on your software teams.

Software teams want to be Agile and minimise the amount of bureaucracy that they have to deal with. This is often in stark contrast with financial teams who need evidence of work done to satisfy demanding auditors.

There is a way to keep everyone happy! You will learn how to gather the right information to make financial reporting viable and to work with your financial teams to make it it as easy as possible with a minimal overhead for your software teams


Brett Ansley – I’m an efficiency and optimisation freak and passionate advocate of the customer experience. I hate waste and love making the customer’s journey as easy as possible. I have been working in Agile teams for nearly 10 years. I was introduced to Agile by a team of Thoughtworks coaches, I later joined Thoughtworks where I spent time as an Agile coach, Business Analyst, Delivery Principal and Change Programme Director. After 5 years with Thoughtworks I spent a year working at the Government Digital Services (GDS) of the Cabinet Office on the Government as a Platform programme. I left GDS to take up the role of Chief Product Officer for an online retailer of bathroom and bedroom furniture.