Elizabeth Pope

Holiday Extras

Software Delivery (A) 2016
Software Delivery (A)

Session type: Lecture
Session level: Suitable for all

10% time the pros and cons?

I’m lucky enough to work for a company who offer 10% time, and believe it’s had many benefits for our team including engagement and performance improvements and as a tool for both retainment and attraction. However sometimes it can be hard to keep the business bought in to the idea of a very expensive team doing ‘nothing’ one day a fortnight. I’ll also share tips and tricks to get your team to make the most of their Learning and Development time without telling them what to do!

Long synopsis: I’ll be talking about how Holiday Extras came to implement our version of 10% time, and why it has been successful (and when it hasn’t!). I will first focus on the positives I have seen as a result of 10% time. I’ll give examples of feedback the team have given on what they’ve personally got out of the time and how I’ve seen this have a knock on effect on our employee engagement. I’ll also give examples of where individual performance has improved thanks to the dedicated learning time, and examples of systems and functionality that were built because someone had an idea and began to implement it during this time and how this has contributed to our business. I’ll also speak honestly about the challenges 10% time can present for a business and what happens if someone is asked to skip it to deliver a project. I’ll give examples of when I believe this to be ok (business critical situations), and when a Product Owner is simply trying their luck! Finally I’ll give tips and ideas on how to coach a team to get them to make the most of the Learning and Development time. For example – guide someone to make better choices about what they are working on – encourage someone to spend their time working more collaboratively help come up with ideas – help someone who tries to do to much to focus on one thing at a time – encouraging someone who doesn’t want to take part to see how they can benefit



Liz started out as a QA Engineer at Holiday Extras in 2010. She’s come a long way since then, after revamping their testing team she had a spell as a Scrum Master before finding herself managing a team of developers. Liz has 3+ years experience in Management, focusing mostly on developing high performance and supporting the changing needs of a growing team. She currently Leads a Web team of 70+ people, and is passionate about having a motivated and empowered team.