Bonus Track (K) 2015
Bonus Track (K)

Session type: Bonus

Matthew Dodkins – Archipelagos of Git – Live Blog 2015

Matthew is an experienced programmer who leads an Agile team of embedded software engineers at Bluefruit Software, Cornwall. Matthew works on a variety of projects including electric bikes, medical grade water purifiers and time code encryption systems. You can catch up with Matthew via Bluefruit on Twitter.

Note: This is primarily a code demo talk

Code reviews are important. Very important.


Pull requests encourage discussion around code resulting in happier coders and therefore happier customers.

Breaking the build during continuous integration slows the entire team down which can waste lots of dev time. Using a lead dev who reviews pull requests can alleviate the pains but with large teams this too can be problematic.

Code branches are Islands.

Git Archipelagos are a collection of branches that a closely related. Names and branches should be separated from features to discourage cross archipelago contamination.

Hippy Communes are a good idea, a utopian society. The problem, as indicated by Huxley Island is the invariable invasion from out side.