Bonus Track (K) 2015
Bonus Track (K)

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Danny Whear – My Kanban Diary – Live Blog 2015

Danny Whear is the communication and brand manager for ShelterBox and self taught nerd. Danny has a background in design and communications within the charity sector and commercial world. You can catch up with Danny on Twitter.

Danny introduced snuck an Agile mindset to ShelterBox.


Danny places an emphasis on the culture, people and team dynamic elements of Agile. He’s noticed that people are equally scared of Jazz and Agile. but it’s not just for experts and not just for creative types. There is a whole language that surrounds both but it doesn’t have to be this way.

He’s found that allot of organisations in the charity sector use agile without realising it.

When disasters happen ShelterBox send in a temporary home, cooking equipment and clothing. If your unaware of ShelterBox’s work you should check them out, its a great cause. He identifies a few things within the organisation that led him to think Agile would be a great fit for the company.


After the team came back from holiday they found that the office had been transformed into an Agile space. Shared workspace, Kanban boards and post it notes everywhere. This gave them a real sense of ownership of their work. It felt good but they finished the easy and early Agile processes.

He, like other speakers at the events, strongly believe that marginal gains very quickly add up to huge increases in performance, much like cycling. Over the space of a five years the British cycling team grew from being ‘awful’ to being the best, winning everything worth winning in the world of cycling.

“A bands failure is often due to the awkwardness of the feedback culture”


“Failure needs to be normalised”

IMG_20150904_114956Yvon Chouinard has been very influential to Danny.


Yvon and Steve Jobs realised that team wellbeing is very very important to productivity. Happy staff makes awesome things. Why do big companies have ‘campuses’ that look like universities. Big open spaces with lots of green space promotes well being.

“I went to Plymouth university because I love monstrous concrete structures”

The 90’s saw the creation of the third space which encourages collaboration in a new way. Plus they normally involve lots of coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Having a roaming space promotes sharing amongst team members.

People are important. Change is difficult. If you understand people you can help them adapt to change.


The team used the SDI model to help with those changes.


Going for a walk is a fantastic way to share ideas. It’s often easier for people to discus ideas when not looking at each other. I imagine this is even more true for the more introverted amongst us.

Do less but do what you are doing better.

The next twelve months look very busy for the team at ShelterBox.



Agile is not a thing. It’s different things to different people. It’s a culture and a mindset. It’s about people, bicycles and jazz music.