Bonus Track (K) 2015
Bonus Track (K)

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2015 Links, Blogs and Media content

Agile on the Beach 2015

Please do let us know if you have any links, blogs or media content you would like us to share – Belinda



Tweetreach report


@Agileonthebeach #agileotb is being captured in real time, have a look:


[blog] Stand-Up on the Beach

My @InfoQ key takeaways from the ‘@agileonthebeach‘ Conference: Day One 

Daniel Bryant (@danielbryantuk)
My latest @InfoQ news “Key Takeaways from the @Agileonthebeach Conference: Day Two”
Steve Parks (@steveparks)
16/09/2015 14:38

Leading With Agile Practices – blogging some things I learned at @Agileonthebeach…
#agileotb #agile #leadership

Anthony Williams (@a_williams)
15/09/2015 16:34

I’ve finally got round to posting my visit report from Agile on the Beach 2015:… #agileotb


CodeweaversLtd (@CodeweaversTeam)
15/09/2015 11:49

Agile on the Beach 2015 – Our Best Bits –… #codeweaversdevs #agile #agileotb


Headforwards (@Headforwards)
15/09/2015 15:34

Our latest blog is about @WoodyZuill & his talk at @Agileonthebeach #MobProgramming


Bluefruit Software (@BluefruitSW)
Still buzzing from @Agileonthebeach last week! Here’s our write up:… #agileotb


Gram (@GramMcCram)
Team @Ubxd headed to last week’s @Agileonthebeach conference. Here’s what we got up to: #AgileOTB 🎉🏄⛵️🚣⚓️


Manifesto (@manifestovstech)
5 things we learned from Day 1 of #agileotb… feat @AgileSteveSmith @davefarley77 @bigpinots @allankellynet #NoProjects


Alex Wilson (@pr0bablyfine)
Blogged: How #mobprogramming enables Continuous Delivery…


Sean Evans (@Seeva1)
#agileotb #agileotb Lightening Talks As promised link to Fed-Ex video. People working in a pure scrum environment.


Benjamin Weber (@benjiweber)
More content relevant to our #agileotb talks on Testing in Production and #MobProgramming


In my talk I mentioned Feature Leads from Feature Driven Development. Read here for more… #agileotb #agile #fdd


Shirley Atkinson – Teaching Agile – Live Blog

Danny Whear – My Kanban Diary – Live Blog

Chris Clarke – Building a winning agile football team – Live blog

Jenni Jepsen – Agile Leadership and Teams – Live Blog

Benji Weber and Alex Wilson – Product Development at the Unruly Mob – Live Blog

Letita Fearon – This is Agile? – Live Blog

James Lewis – Building systems that are #neverdone – Live Blog

Craig Girvan and Toby Parkins – The Open Agile Profiling System – Live Blog

Belinda Waldock – Being Agile in Business – Live Blog

Jim Barritt – Bring the power of Clojure to your browser app – Live Blog

Dave Farley – Continuous Development (Keynote) – Live Blog

Random Stats

#349 booked to attend

#53 speakers

#150 pasties consumed at the pre-conference gathering