Bonus Track (K) 2014
Bonus Track (K)

Session type: Bonus

Product Design Slides & Videos 2014

This year we are pleased to confirm that we will be running a 4th space at the conference with Product Design being the key theme on one day in this space.


Bonus Lunchtime sessions


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Melissa Perri (ProdUX Labs – New York)    Lean Product Management

MelissaProduct Management has traditionally been a waterfall process. Teams will spend months building a product, only to find out after releasing it that none of their customers wanted to use it.

Applying Lean Startup methods to Product Management can help teams create valuable products in shorter amounts of time. This talk will dive deep into the Product Management process from a Lean standpoint. We’ll discuss how the process works seamlessly on Agile teams.

I’ll share my experiences implementing Lean into my role as a Product Manager, my challenges, and how it’s completely reshaped the way I approach building products for the better.

Melissa Perri   Beyond “Pretty”: Creating Better Products with Measurable Design

MelissaGood products are not only pretty they’re also useable. With the huge amount of competition in the market today, user experience is more important than ever. So how do we create products our customers respond to and enjoy? Measurable Design can provide you with insights into customer behavior so that you can create products that users want.

During this talk, we’ll discuss how Lean principles can be applied to Agile UX and software teams to iterate our way to engaging sites customers will love. We’ll discuss into practices and tools you can start using immediately to ensure customers are getting the most value out of your products.

businessMelissa Perri is a Product Manager and UX Designer from New York City. She is the founder of ProdUX Labs (, a consultancy that specializes in providing guidance and workshops on Product Strategy, UX and Lean Startup methodology to startups and enterprises. She previously cofounded a company in Italy, participated in an international startup accelerator, and worked as a Product Manager and Lead UX Designer for two growing startups in NYC. Currently, she is teaching the Product Management course at General Assembly.

Melissa is a firm believer in lean methodologies and measurable design. Through in person global workshops and classes on Skillshare, she teaches companies and individuals how to incorporate lean methodologies into their existing product teams. She also coaches and speaks about Lean UX and Lean Product at conferences, most recently at Lean Agile Scotland, and the iCatapult Startup Accelerator.

When not in the office, you can find her mentoring at Lean Startup Machine workshops, exploring global startups, and plotting her next big venture.

Adrian Howard (Quietstars)    Fundamentals of Lean UX


Fundamentals of Lean UK Slides PDF

Lean UX sits at the intersection of the Agile, Lean Startup & User Experience communities of practice.

This workshop will introduce you to the basics of the Lean UX approach, and take you through the process of applying Lean UX techniques at different stages of the product/business development process.
Learning outcomes:
* Lean UX and its relation to Lean Startup, Agile UX & general Lean
approaches the common myths and misunderstandings about Lean UX
* How to apply Lean UX approaches within your own company
* How the hypothesis/experiment model differs from traditional requirements
* How Lean UX can be used to understand customers better, discover new
product ideas, and reduce risk in new product development

software-craftsmanshipAdrian Howard is passionate about building effective teams and great products. He co-founded Quietstars to help organisations do that using Agile, Lean and User Experience practices.

You’ll find Adrian working with startup and product development teams — combining coaching & teaching with hands on user experience & development work.

With more than fifteen years experience working with startups, established businesses and agencies Adrian is an active member of the Agile, Balanced Team & Lean UX communities. He regularly teaches and speaks on integrating Lean, UX and Agile methods, and mentors for Lean Startup Machine and

You’ll often find him ranting in a corner of the bar about how agile, business and user experience folk need to play nice together. Be kind and buy him whisky.

Before he fell into industry Adrian was a member of the Socio-Cognitive Technology Research Group at Sussex University, taught on the Human Centred Computing Systems MSc, and picked up a degree in Computing and Artificial Intelligence with a side order of Cognitive Philosophy & Linguistics.

Sophie Freiermuth (Baguette UX)    Integrating smoothly the UX designer in your team

SophieFreiermuthGet to understand UX practitioners, how to bring the right one into your team and how to integrate them. A session for team leaders and product owners that will highlight key strategies for creating a solid team owning the process from design through to build, including cross-functional teams

As agile is expanding into the design and strategy cycles, UXers are becoming valuable team-mates and process partners. However many teams struggle at integrating them smoothly, and to everyone’s benefit.

To help teams understand better how to work with ux practitioners, and how they can transition to a process where design is fully included in the agile loops, I will present what ux is composed of, how to identify the right practitioner for the job on hand, how to benefit the most from having ux on board and will conclude with practical examples of ensuring ux is not a silo, and that the team develops true cross-functional capabilities and skills.

This talk designed primarily for team leaders and product owners, and also addresses the concerns of team members. It’s been created from hearing too often “I get ux, I want to listen to the users and build the right product, but I don’t know how to get ux to work with my team”.

You will walk out of this session with a clearer understanding of what ux is really about, what practitioners to bring in to your team, how to work with them and some practical tips for including the user’s voice into team decisions.

teamSophie Freiermuth :: I am a ux practitioner with over 7 years’ experience, gained in agencies and client side, in the UK, USA and Germany, for brands such as Nokia, American Express, Nike, Fiat, Volkswagen, Acer, GlaxoSmithKline, Pearson, Orange, etc. I now run my own ux consultancy, Baguette UX.

For the last 5 years, I’ve worked with agile and lean teams on websites and applications, and I strive for a better partnership between ux and agile, which is why I’m regularly invited to speak at agile and ux events in the UK, France, Switzerland and the USA.

I’m also a teacher at General Assembly London, teaching the UX Design Bootcamp, a mentor to several young UX practitioners and a UX expert to schoolchildren via Apps For Good.
When I’m not doing all that, I cook a mean chicken with olives and read my eyes off on my kindle.

Bonus Lunchtime sessions

Nick2There is no Agile : Nick McKenna

I’m having an existential crisis. After seven years of practising Agile, it has finally dawned on me that it really doesn’t exist.

Let me take you through the stories of the teams I have worked with and coached and share with you the common insights and developments that Agile teams make as they progress towards their Agile nirvana goal.

Nick will discuss common innovations that Agile teams have made over the years and also discuss some of the practices that have been discarded and some of the developments that are yet to come…

teamNick is the founder and CEO of McKenna Consultants and takes a very “hands on” approach to the business. Nick’s passion for quality software is what drives the organisation forward, implementing Agile principles and practices throughout the entire business. Nick graduated from Hull University with a First Class Degree in Computer Sciences. Since then he has gained invaluable experience over 15 years in the software industry, from writing one of the worlds first eProcurement electronic invoicing systems to controlling the computer drivers on racing computer games! Nick also holds his Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Professional awards and speaks regularly at Agile Software Development conferences.


egorEgor Sviridenko (Targetprocess Germany)
Introduction to Visual Management

We live in an interesting age of many opportunities and risks (don’t we?). Some of us may even happen to face the challenge of trying to apply agile methods and culture in the context of large and complex structures. Whatever the context – we don’t have to let the growing data-flow and work complexity overwhelm us – we can be smarter, we can hit back.

Ever thought about marrying Visualisation with Agile project work you are doing? And wait that their baby will be pretty? Visual Management is what we can call a set of knowledge, skills and tools for working with data visually. So that we can See, Understand, Show data to your colleagues and customers, and Act on it better. Using these skills and tools enables one to see – who may be overloaded in the team, when it is most critical to plan people resources for delivering new functionality, which project areas are currently at risk, where do we have potential delays, which are hidden dependencies between work items.. Insights like that could be easier gained at each organisation level and with each type of data.

So that we spend less times in meetings, need to see fewer reports. So that we can be someone who can see and act faster.

Come and join this TED-like talk, meant to introduce you some knowledge and skills, and inspire with examples from projects, which we can later discuss in an Open Space, and share experience.

visualisation, visual thinking, visual management, project management, program/portfolio management, backlog management, time management

teamEgor is a business developer and a passionate researcher in information visualisation.
He developed for 10 years product and marketing strategies for several software companies in Europe. By chance he discovered that not all software companies are run by command and control and rigid planning. He joined targetprocess – an active software innovator in visual project management, and immersed straight into the epicenter of Lean and Agile ideas and project experience.
He is now one of enthusiasts of data visualisation and an active member of several European agile communities and user groups.
When he is not working, he plays piano or pours himself a cup of good tea – a habit from the time when he ran his own tea-house in Berlin.

This talk will aim to
– inspire the audience about the importance of understanding the basic principles of data visualisation, and show some examples from agile projects where these principles are at work
– scratch the surface of what Visual Thinking skills are and how they can be useful for active looking at project data, or sharing important information with others
– throw at the audience a few major tool tips from the realm of interactive visualisation, from Tableau till D3 library (no direct advertising for Targetprocess)

Target audience (who is the intended audience of your proposal ?):
anyone who faces the challenges of quick focus and proper action in the day-to-day work complexity, and is open for exploring something new