Bonus Track (K) 2014
Bonus Track (K)

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Blogs & Links 2014

Below are a number of links to blogs and other content from this years conference
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BLOG : Liveblogging from Agile on the Beach by  on  in Observations  I’m continuously deploying my updates to live whilst attending sessions at Agile on the Beach…

BLOG : Belinda Waldock – Agile on the Beach Session : Agile Innovation : Embedding Agile in a diverse mix of Cornish High Growth Businesses  

VIDEO : Agile HR – First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing G…:  #agileotb

VIDEO : JB Rainsberger Keynote Video Reference #agileotb #STOPIT for whoever was asking for the Bob Newhart video

VIDEO : Simon Brown : For those at my #AgileOTB talk yesterday; here’s Gus Honeybun and Oscar Puffin -> (with @KevinPamplin too!)

BLOG : Phil Parker : Architecture 101 + Domain Alignment

BLOG : Unboxed Consulting – People Matter Most! Posted by Claire Kemp

STREAM: Eventifier have tweets, blogs and videos posted from the conference (short term)

PHOTOS : Adrian Howard

BLOG : Bluefruit at Agile on the Beach

BLOG : Plymouth Uni

BLOG : Andy Carmichael : Care about business strategy? – Tune to this channel…

Blog :  @Dedward5 Internet architect, mainly for UK government projects, focus on Open Source, Security, Open Data, GCLOUD, SME Agile and getting things done.  My thoughts from Agile on the Beach 2014

Blog : Mackerel Sky Events : Limber up and get Agile!

Blog : Chris Pitts Just Stop It! (A Note on Wrapping Waterfall Plans in Iterations)

Blog : Andrew Hall : My 3 Take Aways

Blog : Tony Edwards – Plymouth University Student