Bonus Track (K) 2013
Bonus Track (K)

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Speaker Biographies 2013


software-craftsmanship Software Craftmanship

Keynote 2013 : Dan North for Software Craftsmanship

Bio : Dan has been coaching, coding and consulting for over 20 years, with a focus on applying systems thinking and simple technology to solve complex business problems. He uses techniques from Lean operations, Theory of Constraints and Agile software development to help IT organisations anticipate and respond to the challenges of changing business needs.

Dan is the originator of Behaviour-Driven Development, an agile approach to software development that encourages teams to deliver the software that matters by emphasising the interactions between stakeholders. He also proposed Deliberate Discovery, which challenges assumptions around software planning and estimation. He argues that there are no best practices and that everything we do is subject to opportunity cost.

He is a popular keynote and session speaker at international technology conferences, on topics as diverse as software architecture, behavioural psychology, simplicity, uncertainty and learning. His presentation style has been described as Eddie Izzard meets the Architect from The Matrix.

Software Craftmanship Stream

Seb RoseSeb Rose, Claysnow    Bad test, good test
Seb Rose is an independent software developer, trainer and coach based in the UK. He specialises in working with teams adopting and refining their agile practices, with a particular focus on delivering software through the use of examples.

He first worked as a programmer in 1980 writing applications in compiled BASIC on an Apple II. He has worked with many mainstream technologies since then, for many well-known companies, such as Amazon, IBM, NCR, HBOS, Standard Life and Aegon. He is a regular conference speaker as well as a contributing author to O’Reilly’s “”97 Things Every Programmer Should Know”””

Marcin Floryan  Marcin Floryan, Compare the Market    The Art of Feedback

I continually learn to develop better software and to develop software better, to help others do it and to share that knowledge. I like to share my passion and enthusiasm by speaking publicly to communities small and large and occasionally writing some thoughts at


Steve Freeman, Higher Order Logic    Fractal TDD

“Steve was a pioneer of Agile software development in the UK, and co-author with Nat Pryce of “”Growing Object Oriented Software””.

Previously, he worked in research labs, software houses, earned a PhD, and wrote shrink-wrap software for IBM. Steve also teaches in the Computer Science department at University College London. He is a presenter and organizer at international industry conferences, and was conference chair for the first London XpDay.”
Chris O’Dell, 7 Digital    Continuous Delivery at 7digital – an Experience Report

Chris O’Dell is a Lead Developer at the premier digital download company 7digital, where she heads up the API team. With a passion for Test Driven Development, Continuous Delivery and Agile development practices, Chris is building a name for herself on London speaking circuit.

software-craftsmanship  Jim Barritt, Thoughtworks   Why you need to learn Clojure, right now

“Jim has been writing code for many years. He is currently a Technical consultant for ThoughtWorks.  His passion is the code and helping teams deliver reliably and rapidly.”

software-craftsmanship  Phil Nash  
 Agile and Mobile – do they work together as well as they sound?

“Phil has spent much of the last three decades trying to work out how to transform percussive actions on a keyboard into patterns of electrical pulses that seem to make some people happy. Along the way he has discovered that sometimes you need to get other people involved too and generally tries to hang out with those that care about the craft as much as he does.
Outside of contract work, consulting, training and coaching he has authored open source projects such as CATCH (a C++ & Objective-C test framework) and iOS apps. If you’re not careful he also speaks at conferences.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJames Lewis, Thoughtworks    Micro-services – Adaptive Architectures and Organisations

“James is a Principle Consultant for ThoughtWorks currently based in the UK where he has helped introduce evolutionary architecture practices and agile software development techniques to various blue chip companies: Investment Banks, Publishers and media organisations. James studied Astrophysics in the 90’s but got sick of programming in Fortran. Fifteen years of DBA, software engineering, design and architecture later, he believes that writing the software is the easy part of the problem. Most of the time it’s about getting people thinking right.

As a member of the ThoughtWorks Technical Advisory Board and as the organisation’s European Architecture Consulting Lead, James works with technology and business leaders both within and outside Thoughtworks to champion innovation in the areas of web integration, evolutionary architecture, emergent design and lean thinking.  James has spoken at a number of national and international conferences on topics ranging from domain driven design, micro-services, SOA and the future of the web to agile adoption patterns and lean thinking.



Jon Jagger on Cyber Dojo

Jon Jagger will be running a double session with practical hands on coding craftmanship with his popular Cyber Dojo.

Jon Jagger : “I’m 2E years old (hex). I’ve loved software since I was 10 (dec). I’m a self employed software consultant-trainer-etc specializing in agility, test driven development, and complex-adaptive systems-thinking.  I’m the ex ECMA TG2 C# convenor. I’m the current ACCU conference chairman. I’ve had some C# books published. I’m married to the beautiful Natalie, and proud father of Ellie, Penny and Patrick. I love freshwater river fishing. I live in Somerset, England. ”

business Business

gabriel_steinhardtKeynote 2013 : Gabriel Steinhardt for Business

Bio: Blackblot’s Managing Director is Gabriel Steinhardt, a recognized international technology product management expert, author, lecturer and developer of practical tools and methodologies that increase product managers’ productivity.

A marketing and information systems MBA with extensive experience in the computer software and hardware industry, Gabriel has assumed diverse leadership roles with major corporations and start-ups in marketing, product management and technical undertakings.

Gabriel created the highly successful Blackblot Product Manager’s Toolkit® (PMTK), designed Blackblot’s Strategic Product Management™ training program, wrote the Blackblot Product Management Professional™ (BPMP) certification program, and authored The Product Manager’s Toolkit: Methodologies, Processes and Tasks in High-Tech Product Management book.


business  Judith Andresen
Company Culture under Pressure / Growing Business Changes Behaviour

Judith Andresen is an experienced project coach with the infallible intuition to know what is blocking an IT project. She shows the way to common goals, adequate methods, and sensible communication while taking the respective situation into account. Judith Andresen regularly presents on company and project culture as well as on project methods.
business  Ewan Milne    Agile Contracts: Building Trust

Ewan Milne has been involved in software development for over twenty years. He is a prominent member of the ACCU and currently works at IPL in Bath, where he has been involved a wide range of roles from consultancy to support. He helps run Agile development efforts and advises on best practice.
business  Rachel Davies, Unruly Media    The Art of Slicing and Dicing User Stories

“Co-author of “”Agile Coaching”” book. Works at Unruly Media in London. Likes to get out for long walks.

Would like to co-present this workshop with Mike Rawling who is Senior User Experience Engineer who brings an interesting perspective on how to bring personas into user story workshops and champions user experience with our Product Development teams at Unruly.”


business  Mark Craddock    G-Cloud and the new CloudStore

G-Cloud CloudStore Lead. Marks role is to look after 3,200+ Cloud services from 460+ suppliers in the UK Government’s G-Cloud #CloudStore.
DavidLowe_colourDavid Lowe    Kanban Style at NET-A-PORTER

David is a ScrumMaster and Agile Coach at NET-A-PORTER. He has been using agile frameworks for over 6 years, implementing Scrum at a variety of companies in industries as varied as finance, travel and now fashion.

As well as being the co-founder of The London Agile Discussion Group, David also blogs about his real-world agile/lean findings on

allankelly2012hrAllan Kelly – Do it Right and then Do the Right thing

Allan Kelly has held just about every job in the software world, from system admin to development manager by way of programmer and product manager.  Today he works helping teams adopt and deepen Agile practices, and writing far too much.  He was personally involved with bringing Agile working to many Cornish companies and establishing the Agile on the Beach conference.

He is the author of two books “Business Patterns for Software Developers” and “Changing Software Development: Learning to become Agile”, the originator of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets (, a regular conference speakers and frequent contributor to journals.

More about Allan at and on Twitter as @allankellynet (


steve_02Steve Parks – Introducing Sceptical Managers to Agile.

Healthy Web Projects — How to explain agile concepts to management and clients so they really get it

Steve Parks is a co-founder of WunderRoot, Europe’s largest Drupal agency with 140 staff in nine countries. Day to day he runs the UK office and leads the company’s consulting work — and in particular he helps clients adopt and develop agile practices.

Before he was a geek, he was a journalist for the BBC — reporting from the north of England for network radio. He’s also written a series of books about entrepreneurship for Pearson.

business  André Tanguy, Oceans HQ    Selling Agile to Enterprise Customers

André Tanguy is one of the co-founders of web consultancy and online software provider Oceans HQ and leads a small team of dedicated experts in creating technology solutions for both small businesses and enterprise customers. Originating from Jersey (Channel Islands), André grew up on the beach and around the ocean – catalysts for many worldwide adventures for both business and pleasure.

A serial entrepreneur at heart, André’s core strengths lie in planning and developing web & mobile technology solutions. He’s worked for a number of world-class online marketing and user experience firms, providing the skills & experience to successfully venture into the world of business startups.
business  Toby Parkins & John Thornton, UKNetWeb   Tales from the Whiteboard

toby_pic_faceToby Parkins has been working in web development since the mid 90s. He runs UKNetWeb and recently has set up Headforwards, the alternative outsourcing solution. Starting on Spectrums in the 80s he now spends more programming time at home on a Raspberry Pi as is not even allowed to touch or tinker with any projects “at work”. His responsibilities now extend towards larger projects and international clients. Although a techie at heart, Toby has moved into the business perspective successfully building businesses along the way. He also has a passion for parties, beaches as well as Agile, hence why Agile on the Beach came along.

John Thornton, UKNetWeb’s technical director, has been with  the company since moving to Cornwall in 2007. Previously, John was MD of John Thornton Design Ltd. a small Midlands based web development company from 1997.

I have experienced the pain that non-Agile developers feel at the end of most projects, and have seen that pain significantly reduce thanks to using a selection of tools from the Agile bag. – John Thornton (Believer & Advocate)
belindawaldockBelinda Waldock, Oxford Innovation    Agile in Business

Belinda is a Business Coach and ICT Specialist at Oxford Innovation working on the Grow Cornwall programme and other business growth programmes delivered across the UK.  She has a background in supporting businesses in their adoption of the internet and ICT to enable growth.

In her role on the Grow Cornwall programme she is currently working with high growth potential businesses and teams to adopt agile methodologies and tools that support innovative business development and growth.



team  Xavier Izaguirre, Total Media    Agile in the Marketing Communications Industry

Xavier Izaguirre is a trained Social Psychologist with a MA in Marketing Communications.

He is the Head of Social Media at Total Media, an integrated media agency delivering media solutions across all channels to clients such as Tate, Victoria and Albert Museum or The English National Opera.

team  Michael Rawling, Unruly Media    eXtreme User eXperience (XUX)

Michael Rawling is the Senior UX Engineer at Unruly Media, a social media video start-up.

Mike’s experience in UX and UI development dates back to 1998 and since then has explored new ways of more effectively realising the massive potential that technology offers and that each product starts with. He has consulted on, designed, engineered and led such teams and initiatives for, Wiley, Camelot, Konami, LoveFilm and Granada TV.

ed sykes headshotEd Sykes    Enriching conversations and decision making with data

I’m Ed Sykes, for 13 years I’ve been delivering software as a programmer, tech /team lead and software manager. 10 of those years have been using agile principles and practices. I’m still a practitioner and particularly enjoy helping people learn to deliver better. I’m the organiser of #acculondon and have spoken at Accu, Agile on the Beach and Agile Cambridge. When I’m not writing software I’m often playing music and cooking, only occasionally at the same time.   Sometimes I write a blog at and I’m @edsykes on twitter

team  Rich Quick, Arnold Clark    Bringing Agile to a £2bn company

Rich Quick is a Head Web Developer at Arnold Clark in Glasgow and heads up a team over around a dozen front end and Ruby developers sitting as part of a 100-strong marketing department.

Originally from Penzance in Cornwall, he’s been a web designer and developer for nearly 15 years and has worked for organisations including Waitrose, John Lewis, the BBC, Nestle, Argos, WWE, MTV, the Eden Project and the government of the British Virgin Islands.

He wrote a best-selling book on web design, has spoken at dozens of conferences around the UK and Europe, sits on the W3C CSS Accessibility Group and once showed Colin Firth’s wife how to use a microwave.

team  Wouter LagerweijCiarán O’Neill   The “Just Do It” approach to Change Management

Wouter Lagerweij is a developer and agile coach. He loves spending time with teams and organizations to figure out how to improve the way they make software, and make it more fun.

team  Andrea Provaglio    Overcoming Self-organization Blocks

I’m an independent professional in the field of Agile/Lean software development, with 20+ years of experience in three different continents.
I help my clients to develop better products and to create better teams; and I support individuals and teams who want to improve technically and relationally.
My clients are from different domains, ranging from large organizations such as the European Commission in Brussels, to small and dynamic IT companies.
I currently work in Europe; I also worked for four years in the U.S. on a O-1 visa for “”extraordinary abilities in Science””.
More information at

team  Martin Rowe    Scrum: Easy to understand but difficult to do

Martin Rowe is the Programme Manager/Lecturer for the University of Plymouth Foundation Degree in Computing at Petroc College, Barnstaple in North Devon. Since attending a ScrumMaster course three years ago I have been steadily restructuring the course towards Agile/Scrum. Programming Modules now include XP, the Project Management Module is based solely on Scrum, and assignment specs are based on User Stories. I also teach Business Model Generation and Lean Startup.

I use Scrum to manage the day to day running of the course. I am a Certified Scrum Master (2010), Product Owner (2010), and Developer (2011). My current interests include the impediments that occur when running Scrum in a non Agile organisation, hyper productive teams, and the possibilities of structuring a student centred course based on a product backlog. I am interested in communicating with as many Agile enthusiasts in the West Country as I can.

team  Sarah Fairbairn, INR Star    Playing Games

“Sarah Fairbairn started out as a Mechanical Engineer but quickly Saw The Light and moved into Software Development.  She was a software developer for many years, has led development teams and been a solution architect.

Before returning to Cornwall Sarah worked in New Zealand as a consultant, doing stints with larger companies such as Vodafone and Air New Zealand and being in at the beginning with small start-ups.   She is now a Solution Analyst at Sullivan Cuff.