Bonus Track (K) 2013
Bonus Track (K)

Session type: Bonus

2013 Schedule

30+ Speakers across 3 Streams :
Business, Teams and Software Craftmanship

Business: The business stream will explore how a business can adopt agile beyond software development and its impact on wider business activities. Including the latest models for product development.

Keynote Gabriel Steinhardt : Product Management

Ewan Milne    Agile Contracts: Building Trust
Rachel Davies    The Art of Slicing and Dicing User Stories
Mark Craddock    G-Cloud and the new CloudStore
Mark Craddock, Steve Parks and Ewan Milne    Becoming a G-Cloud & Government supplier
David Lowe    Kanban Style at NET-A-PORTER
Allan Kelly    Do it Right, then do the Right thing
Steve Parks – Introducing Sceptical Managers to Agile
André Tanguy    Selling Agile to Enterprise Customers
Toby Parkins & John Thornton   Tales from the Whiteboard
Belinda Waldock    Agile in Business, Oxford Innovation

TEAMS: The Agile approach is not just about the business of software. It’s about the business of your approach. The conference will ask managers, directors, or indeed anyone leading a team to re-assess the way they work. Learn about high performing and innovative teams and find out what they do differently.

Xavier Izaguirre    Agile in the Marketing Communications Industry
Judith Andresen   Company Culture under Pressure / Growing Business Changes Behaviour
Michael Rawling    eXtreme User eXperience (XUX)
Ed Sykes    Enriching conversations and decision making with data
Rich Quick    Bringing Agile to a £2bn company
Wouter LagerweijCiarán O’Neill   The “Just Do It” approach to Change Management
Andrea Provaglio    Overcoming Self-organization Blocks
Martin Rowe    Scrum: Easy to understand but difficult to do
Sarah Fairbairn, INR Star    Playing Games

: For the professionals, there’s plenty of technical innovations on offer. Software developers will be guided through the latest techniques, for two days Cornwall will be the epicentre of global Agile technology.

Keynote 2013 : Dan North for Software Craftsmanship

Seb Rose, Claysnow    Bad test, good test
Marcin Floryan, Compare the Market    The Art of Feedback
Steve Freeman, Higher Order Logic    Fractal TDD
Chris O’Dell, 7 Digital    Continuous Delivery at 7digital – an Experience Report
Jim Barritt, Thoughtworks  
Why you need to learn Clojure, right now  
Phil Nash  
 Agile and Mobile – do they work together as well as they sound?
James Lewis, Thoughtworks  
  Micro-services – Adaptive Architectures and Organisations
Jon Jagger A double session with practical hands on coding craftmanship – Cyber Dojo
Anna Jayne Metcalfe – Riverblade – Code Analysis in an Agile World

Agile on the Beach 2013 is a two day conference, hosting 30 speakers and a variety of topics set on the Cornish coast with a beach party in between.  Perfect to evoke creative and technical thinking, enjoy time with the UKs leading thinkers in agile adoption and evolution.

Agile on the Beach is a leading annual conference in Falmouth, Cornwall. Exploring the latest agile and lean thinking in software craftmanship, teams and business. Including ample networking opportunities such as the beach party this conference brings together 200 people to explore, evolve and find out what it means to be truely agile in business, from its culture to product development practices