Bonus Track (K) 2012
Bonus Track (K)

Session type: Bonus

Speakers Biographies 2012

MichaelFeathers-1Mike Feathers: Author of Legacy Code and now working with Groupon

Michael Feathers is a Member of the Technical Staff at Groupon. Prior to joining Groupon, Michael was the Chief Scientist of Obtiva, and a Senior Consultant with Object Mentor International. Over the years, Michael has spent a great deal of time helping teams alter design over time in code bases. Michael is also the author of the book Working Effectively with Legacy Code (Prentice Hall, 2004).

Jeff brantleyJeff Brantley: of Enthiosys

Jeff is a Senior Consultant with Enthiosys with a focus on core product management and agile transformation activities including: product strategy, product line and portfolio prioritization, innovation games, market maps and technical roadmaps, and agile coaching and training. His 20+ years of experience include technical product roles at multinationals, product and marketing leadership at start-ups and service companies, and consulting roles with many tech companies.

Jeff started in corporate sales and then moved into corporate sales training to help Best Buy and CompuUSA fulfill their aggressive expansion throughout the US in the early nineties. Always a “product guy” at heart, Jeff earned his masters degree from Texas A&M to break into product management and marketing in the emerging high-tech sector in Austin. Jeff spent several years with IBM/Tivoli Systems as a Senior Product Manager for one of the core products and then moved into Product Management and Marketing leadership positions in several Austin venture-funded start-ups.

Jeff also served as VP of Marketing for the largest independent propane company in Texas, where he managed the full re-branding and re-launch of the corporate identity and helped map out a process for understanding the impact of marketing efforts on profitability and on customer attraction/retention.

In addition to his years of experience as an Enthiosys Senior Consultant, Jeff is involved in philanthropic efforts to increase children’s engagement in math and science. He has also served as a faculty member for DeVry University.

eben_upton_1_edited-1Eben Upton: Co-Founder of Raspberry Pi

Eben is a founder and trustee of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and serves as its Executive Director; he is responsible for the overall software and hardware architecture of the Raspberry Pi, and for the Foundation’s relationships with its key suppliers and customers. In an earlier life, he founded two successful mobile games and middleware companies, Ideaworks 3d Ltd and Podfun Ltd, and held the post of Director of Studies for Computer Science at St John’s College, Cambridge. He holds a BA, a PhD, and an MBA, from the University of Cambridge.

In his day job, he works for Broadcom as an ASIC architect and general troublemaker.

For more information about Raspberry Pi please visit their website

Kevlin_Henney_rs1Kevlin Henney: Design Patterns

Kevlin is an independent consultant and trainer based in Bristol. His development interests are in patterns, programming, practice and process. He has been a columnist for various magazines and web sites, including Better Software, The Register, Application Development Advisor, Java Report and the C/C++ Users Journal. Kevlin is co-author of A Pattern Language for Distributed Computing and On Patterns and Pattern Languages, two volumes in the Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture series. He is also editor of the 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know site and book.


Kate_sullivan_photoKate Sullivan of Lonely Planet Melbourne: Agile in the Lonely Planet Legal team

Kate Sullivan has been working with Lonely Planet Publications as a Corporate Lawyer for the past two and a half years with prior roles in the film and television industries. In her role at Lonely Planet Kate has experienced the transformation of the Legal Affairs service delivery model with the successful introduction of Agile. Being a non-traditional workflow methodology in the context of the legal sector, the journey of Lonely Planet’s Legal Affairs team has provided some invaluable insights into organisational efficiencies which can be achieved through Agile. At Lonely Planet Kate has assisted with the implementation of Agile work processes across both traditional publishing and online business units. Kate has also presented the Legal Affairs’ approach to working in agile to other Australian in-house legal teams including Bankwest and Telstra. The Lonely Planet Legal Affairs team continue to explore Agile work practices and the evolution has been a key element in the team delivering an outstanding service to Lonely Planet. Kate continues to be an advocate for the Agile process.

mark wightman 1Mark Wightman of Redgate: On teams

Mark is Head of Development at Red Gate Software. He has previously worked as a developer, project manager and development manager. Mark has introduced scrum and agile development practices to a number of companies and has over a decade of agile experience. In his current role, Mark is responsible for helping Red Gate’s development teams to become truly world-class.

SebastianBergmann-400Sebastian Bergmann: PHP Architecture

Sebastian Bergmann is a mastermind of PHP development and PHP quality assurance. He has instrumentally contributed to tranforming PHP into a reliable platform for large-scale, critical projects. Companies and PHP developers around the world benefit from the tools that he has written.

StefanPriebsch-600Stefan Priebsch: PHP Architecture

Stefan Priebsch unites expert knowledge with extraordinary sense when to use which tool. His specialties are object-oriented development and software architecture. As an internationally acclaimed author and speaker he thrills auditoriums and likes to share his tremendous practical experience.

rob_chatleyRobert Chatley: Extreme Startup

Robert is a practising software engineer, and currently works as a principal consultant with Develogical working with clients ranging from startups to global investment banks. Previously he led the engineering team at the startup MetaBroadcast and before that worked at Google in London, where he was part of the team responsible for their Tv Ads product. He also acted as an agile coach and conducted training in agile development in Google’s offices throughout the EMEA region.

Before joining Google, Robert worked as a technical lead at Kizoom, a company specialising in advanced personalised traveller information systems, delivering updates about public transport through channels including web, mobile and digital television. Kizoom is one of the longest standing companies in the UK employing the eXtreme Programming methodology.

Robert was chair of XPDay, the UK’s premiere agile development conference, for 2007 and 2008 and is co-programme chair for Software Practice Advancement (SPA) 2012.

Robert holds a MEng degree in Information Systems Engineering and a PhD in Software Engineering from Imperial College London. He is a visiting lecturer in the Dept of Computing at Imperial and also at the University of Oxford.

allankelly2012hrAllan Kelly: Business Patterns

Over 25 years Allan Kelly has held just about every job in the software world: system admin, tester, developer, architect, product manager and development manager. Today he is based in London and works for Software Strategy Ltd. helping companies adopt and deepen Agile and Lean practices through training, consulting and coaching.

He specialises in working with software product companies, aligning company strategy with products and processes.


In addition to numerous journal articles and conference presentations he is the author of “Changing Software Development: Learning to become Agile” (Wiley, 2008) and more recently “Business Patterns for Software Developers” (Wiley, 2012). He is also the originator of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets.


Joh_HuntJohanna Hunt

Joh is both a practising academic and professional – although she remains a little unsure about what that latter term really means. She’s been sharing her skills, insights, and general willingness to help out, with the UK and international Agile community since 2006 and continues to be a key contributor in bringing academic research in Agile practices to conference audiences.

Joh has presented and facilitated sessions across the US and Europe on subjects ranging from the advantages of Agile approaches for mobile application user experience design through to the use of traditional storytelling approaches for retrospectives (and many in between). She is currently juggling finally completing her PhD (focussed on the impact of Agile transformation on team and organisational culture) and continuing her passion for team facilitation and coaching out in the ‘real’ world.

Simon Cromarty

By day Simon is the Head of Project Management for Red Gate Software in Cambridge, leading their Project Management community of practice and running projects as part of their DevOps team.
Don’t let the title fool you – he’s not your typical PM.
Simon is better known by his writing as “The Agile Pirate” and has been publicly sharing his experiences within the agile community for several years. Simon has served in companies ranging from successful start-ups and ailing dot-coms to global corporations, spanning roles from IT, consulting, support, development and management through to agile coaching. His large-scale product and organisational focus differentiates him from the more common textbook agile captains.
It is important to note that his tyrannical ways commenced after a high intake of Taunton Exhibition and farm scrumpy – these were instrumental in his successful acquisition of a degree in Computing & Informatics from the University of Plymouth – leading to his working his way up through the ranks to become a true Pirate Manager (PM).

Rob Fitzpatrick

Rob is a tech entrepreneur who moved his first company to London from the valley. He has  successfully bankrupted 3 companies, is a YCombinator alum (summer 07), has built products used globally by brands like MTV & Sony, and has raised funding in the US & UK. He blogs about learning (and doing) entrepreneurship at

Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies is co-author of the first “Agile Coaching” book and the UK’s leading expert in coaching agile teams. She is internationally recognized and presents at industry conferences worldwide. Rachel has over 20 years experience in software development in a variety of roles from software developer to manager. She works as an agile coach at Unruly Media in London. Follow Rachel’s blog at

Jon Jagger: Cyber Dojo (double session)

Jon Jagger is an independent software coach-consultant-trainer-enthusiast based in England. He specializes in agile software development (people, process and principles), test driven development, deliberate practice, design, analysis, OO, UML and curly bracket languages. He served as convenor and principle UK expert on the ECMA C# committee and has co-authored two books on C#. He has spoken at many conferences including JavaZone, accu, XP, NDC, JavaBin.

His hobby is freshwater fishing. You can follow him at and

Benjamin Mitchell

Benjamin Mitchell is an independent consultant focussed on helping IT teams and organisations become more effective at delivering innovative products and services. He has over 15 years experience as a software developer and manager, recently leading a Front Office we-based derivatives trading system for BNP Paribas. He uses ideas from Systems Thinking, Lean and Kanban, combined with a background in psychology to create safe environments that encourage learning through experimentation, in order to get knowledge and continuously improve. He combines these interests on twitter at

Ed Sykes

I’m ed sykes. I’m interested in how software technologies can help people create better systems. I am trying to find and bring the best ideas to the attention of the people that I create systems with. I occasionally give talks and sometimes write a blog with these ideas. Catch me in the following places:,

James Lewis

James is a Principle Consultant for ThoughtWorks based in the UK and a member of the ThoughtWorks Technical Advisory Board. James studied Astrophysics in the 90’s but got sick of programming in Fortran. Fourteen years of DBA, Java development, software design and software architecture later, he believes that writing software is the easy part of the problem. Most of the time it’s about getting people thinking right. Most recently, James has been spending his time helping ThoughtWorks’ clients develop enterprise software as a coding architect and is particularly interested in the design of distributed systems and the web as middleware.

Dragan Jolic

Dragan has 28 years of technology and business consulting and project management experience gained with a variety of large and medium size products and services organisations. Over the last seven years, his primary focus has been on Agile and business change consulting, mainly with large retail banking and insurance clients. His specialist area of interest is organisational agility and its implications for business strategy, portfolio management and the resourcing model.
Dragan currently works as a Principal Agile Consultant within the Tata Consultancy Services’ Global Consulting Practice in the UK.

Seb Rose

Seb Rose is an independent software developer, trainer and coach based in the UK. He specialises in working with teams adopting and refining their agile practices, with a particular focus on automated testing.

He first worked as a programmer in 1980 writing applications for estate agents and solicitors in compiled BASIC on an Apple II. He has worked with many mainstream technologies since then, for many well-known companies, such as Amazon, IBM, NCR, HBOS, Standard Life and Aegon. He is a regular conference speaker (ACCU, XPDay, Agile North, Developer Day Scotland) as well as a contributing author to O’Reilly’s “97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

Rob Bowley: Agile in start-up

Rob is Head of Development at 7digital Ltd, a digital media delivery company (primarily music) based in Shoreditch, London but operating globally. Rob played a pivotal role in the introduction of Agile practices at 7digital starting over 3 years ago and was also heavily involved in introducing Agile practices at his previous position at BBC Worldwide. 7digital has a 30+ strong continuous delivery-obsessed technical team who’ve reached a rare maturity in the use of Agile practices.  As well as the day job Rob is currently Co-Programme Chair for and can often be found mouthing off at @robbowley or

Toby Parkins: Case Study

Toby has been head of UKNetWeb, a technical web development agency for over 10 years and recently set up Headforwards, an alternative solution for large corporate outsourcing. His passion for everything IT started on Spectrums in the 80s and then exploded in the early 90s when he got onto the Internet. Since 1999 he has been running web development agency UKNetWeb and set up Headforwards, a new option in outsourcing in 2011 servicing large scale organisations including global telecoms giant, NTT.

Romilly Cocking

Romilly Cocking spent the ten years before his ‘retirement’ as an agile software developer, coach and trainer. He spent the first two years of retirement experimenting with robotics. Then Raspberry Pi came along, and now Romilly works full-time running Quick2Wire – a lean start-up developing add-ons for the Pi.

Gus Power

Gus Power of Energized Work will be speaking on ‘Managing requirements and customer expectations in an Agile environment’

Gus Power is a hairy force of nature who’s always looking for better ways to figure out what the right stuff is and how do get it done. He’s full of stories, usually involving trains, and likes to punctuate his day pomodoro-style while listening to He sees software development as part of a bigger picture that involves both humans and electrons and is passionate about creating and sustaining a working environment in which people can be successful. Some folks wonder why he always dressed in black.

Schalk Cronjé

Schalk Cronjé has over 20 years of experience in the software industry and has spoken on various software delivery techniques in the UK,  USA and South Africa. He has delivered software as products and services with delivery cycles between 2 weeks and 12 months.  He holds two engineering degrees from the University of Pretoria and a MBA in technology management from the Open University. He is a technology libertarian, and was one of the pioneers of localising open-source software into African languages. He believes that both software engineering and craftsmanship is important for the industry. With a focus on delivering business value, he tries to help those that work in the software development industry to realise their true potential and challenge the dysfunctionality that besets many institutionalised software processes. He currently works for McAfee, a subsidiary of Intel, where his objective is continuous improved business delivery, utilising large-scale automation systems.

Discussion Workshops


Belinda Waldock

Belinda Waldock is a Business Coach with Oxford Innovation, working on the Grow Cornwall Programme she specialises in helping businesses to adopt and benefit from ICT. Combining her degree in Computer Science, her experience working with 1000’s of Cornish SME’s and her sunny personality, Belinda is passionate about agile and lean start up. She has spent the past year working on bringing these concepts to a variety of Cornish businesses, this year at agileonthebeach she leads a discussion on Taking Agile Mainstream @belindawaldock