Say hello to Daphne Du Maurier
23rd May 2023

Pack up your flip flops and iron your best Hawaiian shirt – Agile on the Beach is coming to you from a brand new building this year!

We’re moving on up to the top of the Falmouth university campus and taking over the Daphne Du Maurier Building on the 6th and 7th of July this year with all the fun, frolics, bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from our award winning conference (with a VERY Cornish twist).

This promises to be an unforgettable experience as we steer Agile on the Beach into long-running status by celebrating the 12th incarnation of the event. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of embracing the spirit of agility, collaboration, and continuous improvement for what we hope will be the best Agile conference you attend throughout July.

Hold up, I’ve got some questions…

Why?! Everything was great as it was right?!
Yes, we totally agree, the AMATA building is as important to the conference as the speakers and all of our attendees. However, this year there are extensive works taking place that will eliminate the use of all the outside areas and roof garden. There will also be scaffolding surrounding the whole building and a contractors yard on-site.

After a visit with the AMATA and University teams earlier this year it was decided to find a suitable replacement as the experience of hosting Agile on the Beach in the AMATA building would have been downright awful for everyone involved. We’re excited to take a break this year and look forward to being back in 2024.

Is anything else changing?
Absolutely not! We’ve got the same 50+ speakers, five tracks, lunch spaces and breakout rooms available as always – and we’ve even got a few tricks up our sleeve to make your experience even more enjoyable than normal.

What about the outside space?
We’ve got exclusive access to the Exchange Courtyard, which is directly connected to the Daphne Du Maurier building. We’ve made a short video that we’ll be sharing later this week and you’ll see that it is a gigantic space for attendees to relax between sessions, soak up some rays, network with your peers, enjoy the festival style lunches and even build a sandcastle!

I’ve already ordered my lunch for both days, is this changing?
No, lunches are as normal in the Exchange Courtyard. There will also be inside space available if you want to get out of the sun.

How far away is the Daphne Du Maurier building from the onsite accommodation/parking?
Both the parking and on-site accommodation is closer than ever! It’s just a short 5 minute walk from car park E and less than 10 minutes to the accommodation.

What about wi fi?
Yes, we know that wi fi was a challenge last year and we’ve made it very clear to the venue that this needed to be improved. We’re at the very top of campus with a considerably improved mobile network signal as well as a wi fi network with an enhanced capacity (and more access points, for all of you networking nerds…)

Hey, I’m not a nerd…
You totally are, and you should embrace it. It’s cool to be a nerd now.

Tell me more about the Daphne Du Maurier Building…

Well, that’s not really a question but… the Daphne Du Maurier building, named after the renowned English author known for her captivating stories, is a state-of-the-art facility that perfectly complements the essence of Agile on the Beach. Situated in the heart of the Falmouth University campus, this newly appointed building offers modern amenities, innovative spaces, and a vibrant atmosphere conducive to learning, collaboration, and networking.

It might even be familiar to some long-time attendees as the conference was hosted here for a number of years previously – it has undergone substantial improvements since.