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  • Keynote Thursday – Gerd Gigerenzer
  • Keynote Friday – Woody Zuill
  • Closing Note – Gwen Diagram

Software Delivery

  • BDD: Embrace Uncertainty – Liz Keogh
  • You build it, you run it – Why developers should also be on-call – Chris O’Dell (ChrisAnn)
  • Resilience As A Continuous Delivery Enabler – Steve Smith
  • Continuous Delivery with Containers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Daniel Bryant
  • Microservices are Not Worth the Trouble!!?? – James Birnie
  • TDD for Testers workshop – Sarah Usher
  • It’s XP Stupid! – Mike Harris
  • Basic Pathologies of Simple Systems – James Lyndsay
  • A Gentle Introduction to Neural Networks – Tariq Rashid
  • Product Engineering to Product Management – Matthew Fitzgerald

Agile Teams

  • The Power of Questions – Claire Ashcroft
  • Kaizen To Karōshi – Burnout in agile teams and what you can do about it – John Clapham
  • Using Neuroscience To Build High Performance Teams – Elaine Sullivan
  • Agile Methods are Dangerous – Julian Holmes
  • Wheelchair ramps for the mind: how we use Agile to treat ADHD – Sally Bridgewater & Francis Watters

Agile Practices

  • The Agile Guide to Life – Claire Eason-Bassett & Rachel Picken
  • The journey of an Agile Coach… through the looking glass! – Georgina Hopkinson
  • Agile Practices Reimagining agile ceremonies – improving engagement, outcomes and service delivery – Lyndsay Prewer
  • Cracking the WIP – Victoria Morgan-Smith
  • Project Discovery and Liftoff with Agile Chartering – Lynne Johnson & Susan Engel

Business Agility

  • We all want to eliminate waste, but are we doing it all wrong? – Ilan Kirschenbaum
  • The final frontier: how to effectively engage business users in your agile development work – Richard Collings
  • Turning the ship or the lighthouse – Naveed Khawaja
  • Agile, Digital & the new business paradigm – Allan Kelly
  • Agility in HR Analytics bringing business benefit – Nicky Clement
  • Getting Them To Get It: Communicating Beyond The Agile Bubble – Judy Rees
  • Powerful Powerless Leader – Anna Obukhova
  • Structure Drives Behaviour – Implementing the Minimum Viable Organisation – Jeremy Renwick
  • eXtreme volunteering: Applying XP practices in volunteering team – Marcin Bazydlo

Bonus Double Workshops

  • Estimates or NoEstimates Mini Workshop – Woody Zuill
  • Games for feedback – Stanislava Potupchik & Antonio Cobo
  • Agile Adoption: Building Better Habits – Helen Lisowski
  • Dealing with disempowerment – Mark Dalgarno

Product Management

  • Develop Better Products by Understanding “Jobs to be Done” – Özlem Yüce
  • Designing the Pivot – Julia Khusainova
  • Awesome Products : Inspiration or Iteration? – Eben Halford
  • Adjusting research for an Agile world – Amanda Lacey Stockwell
  • Making the Jump from Design to Product – Becki Hyde
  • When Trying to Figure Out What Is Worth Building Backfires – Stefan Wolpers
  • Risks and problems: a healthy approach – Steve Parks
  • Becoming Customer Focused – Learning to Listen – James Routledge
  • What to Build First: Defining MVP with Scenarios – Tatiana Kolesnikova & Arvid Torset

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