Welcome to Agile on the Beach Live!

We have received extremely high demand for tickets this year with the conference selling out in record time.  Our conference this year is at full capacity so we thought we would take advantage of technology to help us to scale beyond our physical boundaries and make the conference more accessible.

The channel will be hosted by our very own Mark Smith with special guest hosts including Chris O’Dell & James Lewis

This year we will be piloting live streaming our keynotes, a selection of talks, round table discussions and interviews over both days of the conference.  Content will be freely available through our YouTube channel.

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08:45 Welcome to Agile on the Beach 2018 Live hosted by Mark Smith and Special Guests including Chris O’Dell & James Lewis
09:10 Live Stream: Gerd Gigerenzer Opening Keynote
10:00 Round Table # 1 : Testing 
10:35 Meet the Speakers: Interviews
10:50 What’s on today with Mark Smith
11:00 Ask Gerd Gigerenzer Interview
11:30 Live Stream: Continuous Delivery with Containers: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Dan Bryant
12.15 Round table #2: New paradigms 
12:45 Meet the Attendees: Interviews
13:00 Replay : Gerd Gigerenzer Opening Keynote
13:50 Coming up this afternoon
14:00 Live Stream : Powerful Powerless Leader with Anna Obukhova
14:45 Talking Points Day 1
14:50 Round table #3; Burnout & Resilience 
15:20 Meet the Speakers: Interviews
15:40 Meet the Sponsors: Interviews
16:00 Replay : Gerd Gigerenzer Opening Keynote
16:55 Highlights of Day 1 with Mark Smith & Guests
17:15 Live Stream : Lightning Talks Live
18:00 Replay of Day 1


08:45 Welcome to Day 2 hosted by Mark Smith, Chris O’Dell & James Lewis
09:10 Live stream: Keynote #2 Woody Zuill
10:00 Round table # 4 – High Performance Teams 
10:35 Speaker Interviews
10:50 Coming up today with Mark Smith & Guests
11:00 Ask Woody Zuill – Interview
11:30 Live Stream : Turning the ship or the lighthouse, Naveed Khawaja
12:20 Round table #5 : Networks & Systems; WIP & Waste
12:45 Meet the Attendees: Interviews
13:00 Replay: Woody  Zuill – Opening Keynote
13:50 Coming up today – Friday
14:00 Live Stream: Backlogs: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Lyn Girvan
14:45 Talking Points Day 2
14:50 Round table #6 – Change, Movement, Pivot 
15:20 Highlights of Day 2 with Mark Smith & Guests
15:40 Meet the Sponsors
16:00 Live Stream : Gwen Diagram : Closing Note Agile on the Beach 2018
16:55 Highlights of Day 2 with James Lewis & Guests
17:20 Closing Remarks & 2019, Mark Smith
18:00 Replay of Day 2

Tune into our YouTube channel for Agile on the Beach Live

Our live stream will be active throughout the conference and available to watch post conference immediately.

Further baseline videos of sessions will be processed and uploaded post conference.

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