We are looking forward to welcoming you to Agile on the Beach 2020. We have gathered all the information you need to know about AOTB20 in our new app. This covers speakers, sessions, sponsors, social media, social events, how to get here as well as how to navigate around campus.

As we believe all necessary information is available on the app we will not be using a printed booklet this year so please download the app as soon as you can and find out all there is to know about AOTB20.

If you are registered as an attendee you will have received an email inviting you to download the app. If you have missed this email please contact us via info@aotb.org

If you have not selected your lunches we require you to do this ASAP:

  • On your registration confirmation email click ‘view event summary’
  • Enter the code from your registration email
  • At the top left select ‘modify booking’
  • At the bottom right select ‘next’ twice
  • This should bring you to the lunches page on your registration
  • Please note you cannot change your lunch choices using the app

If you have any questions not covered in the info on the app please drop us an email info@aotb.org