Agile Stationery
About Agile Stationery

Agile Stationery are makers and retailers of paper tools designed for the agile mindset. We collaborate with some of the best agile experts helping them to express their unique insights in the form of paper products. We help select and execute manufacturing processes at any scale, tailoring processes to the quality, quantity and complexity required by your idea.

Finally we help experts reach retail and business customers in the UK, US, EU and the rest of the world. Executing on logistical, tax and customs through the retail website or directly to your training and consultancy clients. We also follow up, making sure your most important deliveries keep moving until they reach their destination.

For the agile practitioner we are the premiere shop for solutions to recurring software delivery problems: effective and engaging retrospectives, coaching aids, items that prompt cultural shifts, poker cards for planning and estimation, sticky notes, and cyber security games.