Agile on the Beach is hosting its second Coding Retreat next month

For most people a retreat is something you do to get away from work, and whilst the Agile on the Beach Retreats are an opportunity to do this, they are still very much about work… but in a relaxed environment, away from distraction and with expert mentors. 

The Coding Retreat allows software developers the opportunity to intensively study and practice different tools and methodologies. Guided by hosts Jon Jagger, who specialises in practice, process, TDD, and complex-adaptive systems-thinking and is known for his collaborative development tool: Cyber-Dojo and Kevlin Henney, whose development interests are in patterns, programming, practice and process. 

 The two days of learning are designed to improve agile development techniques, with 30-minute coding sessions in pairs, then anonymous reviewing and a discussion around the code, followed by a repairing with a new partner to try out the ‘lessons learned’. 

 Jon and Kevlin facilitate the discussion in a friendly and approachable style, which creates an open environment, allowing delegates of all experience and ability the opportunity to share, question and learn.

“…the Code Retreat was invaluable to my career. Not only did I learn from industry leading experts, but the most valuable learning was from other developers. Having a wide range of experiences there meant you could not only learn but were also able to suggest and pass on practices.” Emma Cheney, Software Developer at Headforwards.

Learn more about the Agile on the Beach Code Retreat here.

Tickets on sale now

September 11, 2019