A Cornish seaside town will welcome over thirty five of the world’s leading methodologists and practitioners in Agile business management in September.

British conference. ‘Agile on the Beach’. has become a vital space in the development of Agile thinking, and this year saw impressive papers submitted by leading Agile experts from the core software sector, as well as business strategy, HR, finance, marketing, and far beyond.

The full programme for the 2014 Conference in September is now published and comprises speeches from leading methodologists as well as key practitioners from global business-to-business superbrands.

Keynotes will be delivered by two international experts. Renowned methodologist Bjarte Bogsnes will open the conference, reflective of the now wide adoption of Agile in big business, and J.B. (Joe) Rainsberger, Canadian software development consultant and technology writer opens day two focusing on the Agile’s home in software operations.

The conference will continue to explore its three strands of agile adoption – Software Craftsmanship, Business Strategy and Teams – and, for the first time, the 2014 conference will introduce a fourth space of ‘Product Design’, within which the selected speakers offer studies that push the boundaries of Agile adoption and insight into in global business application.

Mike Barritt, director of Agile on the Beach, said “This year’s speaker line up is very special. The world’s leading lights in Agile are coming to Cornwall to share their experiences, and their papers explore ever deeper into Agile methodologies and practices drawn from a wealth of business experiences.”

Agile on the Beach returns to Falmouth, Cornwall on the 4th and 5th of September 2014 for its fourth year, open to just over 250 delegates.

May 1, 2014