Photo Blog : Anna-Jayne Metcalfe from Riverblade Overview of Agile on the Beach 2013

agile026The third Agile on the Beach conference was held on Tremough Campus, Penryn (near Falmouth in Cornwall) on 5th and 6th September 2013. As last year, the event attracted not only tech businesses, but also non-tech organisations (e.g. a legal practice and a university department) who are applying the principles of agile software development to run processes and workflows within their own organisations. Done well, agile thinking and principles can be applied to just about any workflow – it doesn’t have to be about software.

This years conference was a great success by any metric. It sold out several times (with the organisers somehow managing to squeeze in more places each time as more people kept trying to register…) and that was certainly reflected in the energy visible at the event. I think in the end there were something like 170 delegates, which is a big increase on last year and compares very favourably with the 350-400 or so you can expect at the (far more established) ACCU Conference which we also take part in.

As others are writing far more eloquently than I about the detail of some of the sessions presented at the conference, I’m going to present more of a visual overview of the event – call it a photoblog post, if you like.

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agile024See Anna Jaye and her session at Agile on the Beach 2013 : Code Analysis in an Agile world 

Anna Jayne Metcalfe- Riverblade – Code Analysis in an Agile World   Video :

“Conventional code analysis techniques are not particularly well suited to agile projects. In this short session, Anna-Jayne Metcalfe explores why not, and how we might be able to do things differently.”

Video :

PDF Slides Code Analysis in an Agile World

Thanks to Riverblade for attending this years conference and their sponsorship and great company.  Check out their Code Analysis tools at

Thank you Anna-Jayne & Beth

September 19, 2013