Get the Inside Track… Agile on the Beach conference tickets on sale now

Monday, 14 January 2013 15:26

Get the Inside Track… Agile on the Beach conference tickets on sale now

After a successful 2012, Agile on the Beach is back in Cornwall for its third year to help businesses learn how to improve their productivity through employing Agile practices, with early bird offers available to those who book their tickets soon.

Tickets are now on sale for Agile on the Beach – a two day conference taking place on the 5th and 6th of September – which explores the Agile methodology which can revolutionise the way businesses work. The focus of Agile is developing efficient and effective systems that reduce the risks of projects running over budget and schedule.

A ‘mega early bird deal’ is on offer until the end of March with tickets available at last year’s price of £195. The conference also offers campus accommodation and a beach party, giving attendees further opportunity to speak directly to speakers and socialise with other businesses in the evening.

The conference considers all aspects of Agile in the work place; ‘Agile Business’ and ‘Teams’ looks at how your organisation and teams operate, suitable for general as well as technical businesses. It also looks in depth at ‘Software Craftsmanship’.

Businesses that operate as an Agile enterprise have flexible business models, hightly motivated teams and enjoy continuous development and delivery of their products or services. They are highly adaptable as they recognise and adapt to change quickly and deftly, enabling them to thrive in an ever changing business environment.

Dan North, the originator of Behaviour-Driven Development, has been confirmed as the first Key Note speaker, and the conference is soon to release a call for papers with an exciting array of topics including Agile product development and Agile marketing.

Agile is a remarkable business tool which is responsive to customer needs, emerging markets and changing technical, social, political and economic landscapes. Businesses enjoy high growth and success using the Agile philosophy, methods and tools.


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January 14, 2013