Agile on the Beach 2012

This year Agility and Innovation were at the heart of the 2012 Agile on the Beach conference, as international speakers from Germany, Australia & USA met with over 150 speakers and delegates who gathered from across the UK to discuss Agile and Lean practices.

Allan Kelly, speaker organiser and leading expert on agile processes commented  “2012 showed AOTB is growing up to be a quality event. A potent cocktail of experts and in-the-trenches practioners!  Success breads success and I already have people knocking on my door to speak at 2013”

Sebastian Bergmann, returning to Cornwall to speak at the conference as well as spend time with local business UKNetWeb noted “Agile on the Beach was an inspiring and thought-provoking conference that we enjoyed very much to be involved in. We would like to congratulate the organizers on a job well done and thank them for inviting us”

Dave Longman is a Senior Programme Manager at IDBS fed back  “My key takeaway was the realisation that agility is about the journey and not just the destination, you should never stop ‘becoming agile’. I’m looking forward to next year already.  Do your projects a favour in 2013, get out of the hubbub of the city and take a trip to Cornwall for the conference. Don’t be put off by the location, the conference is big enough to attract a great line-up of world class speakers while being small enough to still be able to speak with the presenters, it’s well worth the trip.”

Mike Barritt, director of Agile on the Beach said “running the conference this year was an absolute pleasure, it is wonderful to bring such a wealth of knowledge and talent together, and see the benefits agile has bought to Cornwall.  Agile on the Beach 2013 will be held on 5-6 Sepember”

Conference Overview: More and more Cornish businesses are using the Agile methodology to rapidly increase their efficiency and effectiveness within their chosen market. Designed to alleviate issues surrounding traditional software development, the approach can help all businesses to become more effective. If this sounds something you could benefit from, Agile on the Beach 2012 is the ideal starting point to find out what it’s all about from the world’s best, in beautiful and relaxed surroundings.

There will be 3 main streams as follows:

Software Craftsmanship: For the professionals, there’s plenty of technical innovations on offer. With an array of key international thinkers and forerunners signed up to the 2012 conference, software developers will be guided through the latest techniques, including design patterns and php. For two days Cornwall will be the epicentre of global Agile technology.

Teams: The Agile approach is not just about the business of software. It’s about the business of your approach. The conference will ask managers, directors, or indeed anyone leading a team to re-assess the way they work. Learn about high performing and innovative teams and find out what they do differently and how to create and manage your own. Agile on the Beach is the perfect environment to take some time to re-design the approach you take to your team.

Business including Lean Start-up: For those at the start of their business journey, it is the ideal time to set up as you mean to go on. Find the approach that will enable your business to operate at optimum efficiency throughout the many stage of growth. Learn how other start ups are utilising Agile systems to get a head-start, validating their market and accelerating delivery.

As well as speakers within these concurrent streams, there will also be 3 keynote speakers, 2 on Thursday and 1 on Friday.


September 7, 2012