Webinars 2011

Past Webinars from 2011

1pm Friday 2nd September – Jon Jagger

Jon will be explaining more about the Dojo that he will be talking about at the conference.

This webinar will open at 12.50pm (BST – UTC+1)

1pm Friday 22nd July – Rachel Davies

Common challenges associated with adopting Agile

Rachel Davies will share her wealth of experience in helping organizations adopting Agile and identify some of the common challenges that people come across. This pre-conference webinar is open to anyone to attend and is part of the run up to the Agile On The Beach conference in September 2011. The webinar will be on 22nd July at 1pm and is free to attend although you need to book a ticket. Ticket holders will be contacted with details of how to join the webinar.

More information about Rachel Davies can be found on her blog http://agilecoach.typepad.com/

1pm Thursday 4th August – Kevlin Henney

Code Matters

It seems to be an inevitability of human behaviour that in order to focus to on one issue, we inevitably lose focus on others. The pendulum of Agile development started swinging from a code-centred view of development. The swing to a more managerial and organisational view has made it more inclusive, but for many who were not first immersed in the code-centred view, the role of technical practices and technical quality has been marginalised. Code is the stuff of software, and without discussing it and its qualities, there can be no meaningful discussion of Agile software development.

More information about Kevlin Henney is at http://curbralan.com/

1pm Monday 8th August – Lorna Mitchell

Tool up your LAMP stack

Discussion of tools and techniques for getting the best out of your LAMP stack.  Having the right tools in place means being able to repeat processes quickly and easily – essential when working with agile processes.  This session is recommended for technical leaders and LAMP developers everywhere.

More information about Lorna Mitchell can be found at http://lornajane.net

1pm Wednesday 10th August – Allan Kelly

What is this Agile thing?

This webinar is designed for novice practioners, IT professionals and business decision makers who are looking to find out about the benefits of Agile.

12pm Tuesday 16th August – Chris Parsons

Beware: Sharp Tools

It’s easier to be agile when your environment is flexible and adaptable. Web based technologies allow changes to code and deployment in a few seconds, driving down the time we need to fulfil customer requests. This extra flexibility is a great advantage, but it comes at a cost.

“Sharp” tools are very useful: but it’s easy to cut yourself using them unless you know what you’re doing. Without the safety wheels of strong typing and compilation checks, dynamic languages are fast to work in but unless you apply good software practice to your code you’ll end up in a mess, and have to rewrite it every few months.

This talk will detail some of the software engineering techniques you’ll want in your toolkit to ensure you won’t be up at night worrying about whether your code is working.

12pm Monday 22nd August – Benjamin Mitchell

Applying the Lean Startup Approach: using continuous innovation to create radically successful businesses

The Lean Startup is an “organisation dedicated to creating something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty” (Eric Ries). It can be applied to one person in their bedroom or teams of professionals in large corporations. Based on the ideas around lean manufacturing it involves focussing on concept of a learning cycle to drive validated learning through rapid experimentation and Agile software development practices.

Rather than focussing time on elaborate business plans, the Lean Startup provides an approach to test, adapt and adjust before running out of time or money. It enables a company or a group to flexibly respond to market demands and new learnings.

This talk will provide an introduction to the Lean Startup approach, an understanding of the contexts it is most effective in and how the philosophy and practices can be employed to create successful businesses.