Webinar 2012

Pre-Conference Webinars

This year there will be several free webinars introducing a number of speakers who will introduce what they will be talking about during the main conference. They will be interactive allowing questions and answers to be asked during and after each speaker.

30th July 2012 – 1-2pm

Kevlin Henney will introduce his speech “Patterns for People” – Apparently, everyone knows about patterns. Except for the ones that don’t. Which is basically all the people who’ve never come across patterns… plus most of the people who have.

Allan Kelly
 will also be talking about Patterns: “Business Patterns for Software Developers” – Patterns, patterns everywhere. Patterns exist not just in the software code but around the code. In the same way patterns can explain software design they can explain how businesses are structured and operate.

The Webinar is available now at www.anymeeting.com/uknetweb1

24th July 2012 – 4-5pm

Jeff Brantley will introduce his keynote speech “Agile Roadmapping for Fun and Profit” – Get engagement and buy-in from business stakeholders, eliminate waste from the process, and build better products faster!.

Mark Wightman will also be introducing his provoking topic: Building a successful agile company – people first, software second and Ed Sykes will be talking about Making cross-shore time-zone spanning teams work.