Using Landing Pages to Prove Business Value Luke Szyrmer Product 2016

Using Landing Pages to Prove Business Value Luke Szyrmer Launch Tomorrow


There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently, that which should not be done at all””. –Peter Drucker

If you are going to build a product or a feature, make sure your prospects want to buy it with a landing page test–first.

By simulating a buying environment, you create the conditions to test whether your intended prospect want what you have to sell. This approach:

* prevents you from wasting time and money on a product or feature idea that costs a lot to build but has little value to your customers.
* reduces market risk as a powerful type of real option “”put””, before your developers start cutting a line of code.
* narrows the gap between what customers say they want, and what they actually buy.

Using an experiment-driven approach, landing pages can be used to test hypotheses with significant business implications.

Luke Szyrmer is the author of the #1 bestselling book “Launch Tomorrow” in the Amazon category of “Start a Business”. He is a Lean Startup community activist in London, and runs regular meetups to help founders apply Lean Startup principles such as testing to their business. He also co-organises Lean Startup Machine in London. In addition to mentoring at Lean Startup Machine, Luke mentors startup founders. He’s spoken at Google Campus, Launch22, and LeanCamp. Professionally, he is a product manager in financial technology. He enjoys the challenge of distilling complex technical and organizational ideas down to their essence, so others can benefit from his research.