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Blog : Chris Oldwood Stand-Up on the Beach

KEYNOTE : Dave Farley – Continuous Delivery


Farleys Laws Slides

KEYNOTE : Jenni Jepsen – Agile Leadership & Teams




Speakers 2015 

software-craftsmanshipSoftware Craftmanship



  • Taking back BDD – Konstantin Kudryashov        Inviqa
  • 10 things you need to know about BDD, Cucumber and Specflow – Seb Rose
  • Teaching Agile – Shirley Atkinson   Plymouth University
  • Archipelagos in Git – Matthew Dodkins        Bluefruit Software
  • Waltzing With Branches – Chris Oldwood

Bonus Software Track on Thursday  – Continuous Delivery

  • Continuous Delivery Session tbc with Dave Farley https://youtu.be/eR5Dpg7bJIE
  • The Death of Continuous Integration – Steve Smith  slideshare.net/agilestevesmit…
  • Testing in Production    – Benji Weber & Alex Wilson    Unruly  Slides
  • Wading through treacle? Escape the integration syrup with contract tests  – Stefan Smith        ThoughtWorks  Slides
  • Tests @OpenTable. Look mum I just released some code! – Marcin Bazydlo  Slides

businessAgile Business


  • Quality, what is it, and how do we get there – Paul Massey – Bluefruit  Slides Quality
  • I’m an Alien – A Business Analyst in an Agile World – Dot Tudor Slides : Alien BA
  • Play with Business – StrategicPlay® with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY ™  Ole Jepsen        goAgile, Denmark    Double Session – interactive workshop


  • Making Mad Men more Agile – Leanne Page &  Joanne Ralfe    M&C Saatchi http://www.slideshare.net/LeannePage/making-mad-men-more-agileagile-on-the-beachsept-2015-52722353
  • My kanban diary: How I integrated agile within our Charity   – Danny Whear        ShelterBox
  • Further Adventures with Agile Comms Rachel Picken        MPAD  Intro Agile Wars Video youtu.be/tx6YoAPXmi4
  • Managing client expectations of what agile means for their software development project.  Steve Adams  MSM Software
  • The Financial Prioritization of Projects – Antonello Nardini  &  Elisa Bernardin

teamTeams and Leadership



  • Delivering governance for agile services in Government, in an agile way – James Ashton        Government Digital Service (GDS)  https://youtu.be/qmsPj1mR-0o
  • The Open Agile Profiling System  – Craig Girvan & Toby Parkins    Headforwards
  • Scrum…Really – Amy Thompson         Agilista Systems   Slides
  • This is agile? – Letitia Fearon – Lloyds of London  Slides  slideshare.net/ljfearon/this-…
  • Herding Creative Cats – Andy Bartlett      Worlds Apart  Slides


  • The Magellan Project     Ricardo Mestre        Nokia, Germany  Slides
  • The Geek’s Guide to Leading Teams – Patrick Kua        ThoughtWorks
  • Creating the next generation of software developers – Mike Trebilcock – Cornwall College   Slides
  • Management 3.0 – a leadership framework for leaders of today – Pia-Maria Thoren  Slides : Management 3.0
  • Working Remotely in a Global Team – Olly Brand        IBM UK Ltd  Slides : Working Remotely In A Global TeamPDF

Product Management


  • Continous Product Improvement – Melissa Perri,  ProdUX Labs, New York City  Video https://youtu.be/y7guWAyibuE   Slides:  http://t.co/DymKpN7uQ3
  • Agile in the real world: How 3D printing is enabling an Agile revolution for physical products – Emily Webber  & Amy Wagner   https://youtu.be/QEh1h-wJGoA  –   Slides
  • Ajay Sridhar – Valiantys – Agile in the Enterprise – A Case study on transitioning to SAFe
  •  “Can Guinness help you estimate?” –David Lowe & James Wyllie Scrum & Kanban
  • Effective Customer Interviewing: How to use interviews to discover business value – Adrian Howard        Quietstars   (double workshop)  slideshare.net/adrianh/effect…


  • Shortening the goalposts – building a winning agile football team – Chris Clarke        The Guardian  speakerdeck.com/mrmr1/building…
  • Product Management    Finding the Joy in Agile Product Management  Erik Bjernulf        Tolpagorni Sweden
  • Flying the Flag for British Technology – The importance of community and content for the future of British tech – Rose Ross – TechBritannia
  • User Story Mapping for Fun and Profit (double workshop)   Lynne Johnson    & Charlotte Philippe      Zuhlke Engineering Ltd  Slides


KEYNOTE : davefarleyDave Farley – Continuous Delivery

Dave Farley is co-author of the Jolt award winning book ‘Continuous Delivery’ and one of the authors of the ‘Reactive Manifesto’. He has been having fun with computers for over 30 years. Over that period he has worked on most types of software, from firmware, through tinkering with operating systems and device drivers, to writing games, and commercial applications of all shapes and sizes.

He started working in large scale distributed systems about 25 years ago, doing research into the development of loose-coupled, message-based systems – a forerunner of MicroService architectures. He has a wide range of experience leading the development of complex software in teams, both large and small, in the UK and USA. Dave was an early adopter of agile development techniques, employing iterative development, continuous integration and significant levels of automated testing on commercial projects from the early 1990s.

blog: http://www.davefarley.net
twitter: @davefarley77

Jenni Jepsen - goAgileKEYNOTE : Jenni Jepsen – Agile Leadership & Teams

Jenni Jepsen is a partner at goAgile, a Denmark-based Agile consulting firm, where her focus is on helping people deliver the right product faster and at the same time create lasting change. While she is crazy about Agile methodologies, she is most interested in delivering value – no matter what the process.

By getting to the core of why Agile works and helping people thrive in the workplace, organizations become Agile – increasing motivation, effectiveness and transparency.  Jenni has written and spoken worldwide on how neuroscience can support successful transformations to Agile, and runs courses on Intent-based Leadership – which she sees as a perfect complement to Agile ways of working.

Follow Jenni on Twitter @jenniindk



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