Testing modern web apps. At scale. Jan Molak, Software Delivery 2017

Testing modern web apps. At scale.
Thursday Jul 6 – Software delivery

A talk introducing Serenity/JS, a TypeScript implementation of the popular Serenity BDD library, focused on helping JavaScript projects implement acceptance tests that are cheap to maintain and easy to scale. We’ll also look at the Screenplay Pattern, an approach to test scenario design that’s alternative to using Page Objects.

Slides https://www.slideshare.net/janmolak/testing-modern-webapps-at-scale

Jan Molak
Owner, Principal Software Development Consultant
smartcode ltd

Jan Molak is a trainer, consultant and a full-stack developer who spent last 12 years building and shipping software ranging from best-selling, award-winning AAA video games through high-traffic websites and web apps to search engines, complex event processing and financial systems. Jan’s main focus is on helping organisations deliver valuable, high- quality software frequently and reliably through implementing effective engineering practices. A prolific contributor to the open-source community, Jan is the author of Serenity/JS and the Jenkins Build Monitor, helping thousands of companies worldwide keep their builds green and the delivery process smooth.