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Live Blog – Dave Farley – Continuous Development (Keynote) 2015

Dave Farley is the author of ‘Continuous Delivery’ and the ‘Reactive Manifesto’. He has 30 years experience of software development and was an early adopter of agile development techniques. You can catch up with Dave at his website and on Twitter.

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Blogs and Links from 2014

Blogs & Links 2014

Below are a number of links to blogs and other content from this years conference
If you have any content you would like to share please email us info@agileonthebeach.com

BLOG : Liveblogging from Agile on the Beach by  on  in Observations  I’m continuously deploying my updates to live whilst attending sessions at Agile on the Beach… http://workingwithdevs.com/liveblogging-agile-on-the-beach/

BLOG : Wunderroot – Steve Parks on Beyond Budgeting keynote  http://www.wunderroot.co.uk/blog/beyond-budgeting-new-ways-run-organisation-autonomy-and-transparency

BLOG : Belinda Waldock – Agile on the Beach Session : Agile Innovation : Embedding Agile in a diverse mix of Cornish High Growth Businesses  

VIDEO : Agile HR – First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing G…: http://t.co/EevivEqzj3  #agileotb

VIDEO : JB Rainsberger Keynote Video Reference #agileotb #STOPIT for whoever was asking for the Bob Newhart video https://t.co/hDYcC0CvnL

VIDEO : Simon Brown : For those at my #AgileOTB talk yesterday; here’s Gus Honeybun and Oscar Puffin -> https://t.co/vfF4UV2SHr (with @KevinPamplin too!)

BLOG : Phil Parker : Architecture 101 + Domain Alignment

BLOG : Unboxed Consulting – People Matter Most! Posted by Claire Kemp

STREAM: Eventifier have tweets, blogs and videos posted from the conference (short term) http://eventifier.com/event/agileotb14/

PHOTOS : Adrian Howard https://www.flickr.com/photos/adrianhoward/sets/72157646994806409

BLOG : Bluefruit at Agile on the Beach http://www.bluefruit.co.uk/events/agile-beach-2014/

BLOG : Plymouth Uni http://blogs.plymouth.ac.uk/website/2014/09/12/agile-on-the-beach/

BLOG : Andy Carmichael : Care about business strategy? – Tune to this channel… http://xprocess.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/care-about-business-strategy-tune-in-to.html

Blog :  @Dedward5 Internet architect, mainly for UK government projects, focus on Open Source, Security, Open Data, GCLOUD, SME Agile and getting things done.  My thoughts from Agile on the Beach 2014 dedward5.tumblr.com/post/97815925276/my-thoughts-from-agile-on-the-beach-2014

Blog : Mackerel Sky Events : Limber up and get Agile!  http://mackskyevents.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/limber-up-and-get-agile/

Blog : Chris Pitts Just Stop It! (A Note on Wrapping Waterfall Plans in Iterations) blog.thirstybear.co.uk/2014/08/just-stop-it-note-on-wrapping-waterfall.html?m=1

Blog : Andrew Hall : My 3 Take Aways http://www.andrewroberthall.co.uk/tech/agile-on-the-beach-2014-my-3-take-aways

Blog : Tony Edwards – Plymouth University Student  http://purelywebdesign.co.uk/conferences/3-things-i-learned-at-agile-on-the-beach/  “Agile on the Beach really brought the subject to life and prepared me for the second year of university”

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Photo Blog : Anna-Jayne Metcalfe from Riverblade Overview of Agile on the Beach 2013

agile026The third Agile on the Beach conference was held on Tremough Campus, Penryn (near Falmouth in Cornwall) on 5th and 6th September 2013. As last year, the event attracted not only tech businesses, but also non-tech organisations (e.g. a legal practice and a university department) who are applying the principles of agile software development to run processes and workflows within their own organisations. Done well, agile thinking and principles can be applied to just about any workflow – it doesn’t have to be about software.

This years conference was a great success by any metric. It sold out several times (with the organisers somehow managing to squeeze in more places each time as more people kept trying to register…) and that was certainly reflected in the energy visible at the event. I think in the end there were something like 170 delegates, which is a big increase on last year and compares very favourably with the 350-400 or so you can expect at the (far more established) ACCU Conference which we also take part in.

As others are writing far more eloquently than I about the detail of some of the sessions presented at the conference, I’m going to present more of a visual overview of the event – call it a photoblog post, if you like.

read more …


agile024See Anna Jaye and her session at Agile on the Beach 2013 : Code Analysis in an Agile world 

Anna Jayne Metcalfe- Riverblade – Code Analysis in an Agile World   Video : http://youtu.be/xzgeCUO5KtI

“Conventional code analysis techniques are not particularly well suited to agile projects. In this short session, Anna-Jayne Metcalfe explores why not, and how we might be able to do things differently.”

Video : http://youtu.be/xzgeCUO5KtI

PDF Slides Code Analysis in an Agile World

Thanks to Riverblade for attending this years conference and their sponsorship and great company.  Check out their Code Analysis tools at www.riverblade.co.uk

Thank you Anna-Jayne & Beth

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Blog – Chris O’Dell : Agile on the Beach 2013

Catch her review of the conference at


Watch Chris giving her experience report on continuous delivery at 7Digital this year at Agile on the Beach
chris o dellCHRIS O’DELL

Continuous Delivery at 7digital – an Experience Report

Video : http://youtu.be/kW4nGMZpMkc
Presentation – http://prezi.com/eyuraa1red-9/agile-on-the-beach-continuous-delivery-at-7digital/


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Keynote Blog from Gabriel Steinhardt on Agile on the Beach 2013

agileparty37Gabriel Steinhardt – Product Management and his thoughts on agile

Gabriel has compiled a blog post reviewing his experience and thoughts of Agile on the Beach

Gabriel shares his views on Agile and Product Management – Concepts, Identity, Roles, Encroachment, Scalability, MVP and User Experience

Read it here at


Read it here at



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Blog : Wouter Lagerweij : Agile On The Beach Talk 2013

Agile On The Beach Talk

Ciarán and I had a wonderful time at the Agile on the Beach conference this last week. We did the first full version of our talk: “The ‘Just Do It’ approach to change management”… read more at http://www.lagerweij.com/2013/09/07/agile-on-the-beach-talk/

You can see Wouter & Ciarán presenting their session
The “Just Do It” approach to Change Management at Agile on the Beach on the Video : http://youtu.be/OYdalj0kvss

Plus Slides of Presentation here


Register for Agile on the Beach 2014

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Blog : Software Mastery & Conference reviews by Steve Parks MD at Wunderroot 2013

Steve Parks UK Managing Director at Wunderroot and speaker at Agile on the Beach 2013 has written two fantastic posts already on the conference and there are more to come .. http://www.wunderroot.co.uk/agile-beach-conference-2013

Dan North on Software Mastery

The Art of Agile Feedback

Catch Steve on video speaking at Agile on the Beach this year below

stev parks
Healthy Web Projects – How to explain Agile Concepts to Management and Clients So They Really Get it
Video – http://echo.falmouth.ac.uk:8080/ess/echo/presentation/c6f4f306-17a3-4b3e-ad43-4c6dd18a5109

Becoming a G-Cloud Government Suppler

Video – http://echo.falmouth.ac.uk:8080/ess/echo/presentation/9bb3f622-c5c4-4908-acc3-f95cbbc224a6

thank you Steve!

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Blog : Agile on the Beach? Dr Steve Cayzer – Senior Teaching Fellow at Bath University 2013

Blog : Agile on the Beach? Dr Steve Cayzer – Senior Teaching Fellow at  Bath University

Agile Business Sessions

Agile Business Sessions

Agile on the Beach. Is this a real conference? I was sceptical, until I checked the 2012 lineup and discovered that this conference – probably more than other agile conferences – tackled business as well as technical challenges. It’s also pretty good value. So I packed my bags and went to Falmouth… read more at http://stevecayzer.wordpress.com/


Does Agile work? http://stevecayzer.wordpress.com/2013/09/12/does-agile-work/


Dr Steve Cayzer | Senior Teaching Fellow
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Bath

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Blog Post : Steve Parks Reviews the Art of Agile Feedback 2013

Many Thanks to Steve Parks for his post reviewing Agile on the Beach session :

The Art Of Agile Feedback

Marcin Floryan, a developer at Compare The Market, spoke at the Agile On The Beach conference about effective feedback in agile…


If you have photos, blogs or content you would like to share please send to b.waldock(at)oxin.co.uk


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Blog Post – James Laird Developer News 2013

Many Thanks to James Laird for a great blog post on the conference

“There are people who wrote Nokia apps kicking themselves”: BDD inventor Dan North keynotes Agile on the Beach

Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2013/09/05/there-are-people-who-wrote-nokia-apps-kicking-themselves-bdd-inventor-dan-north-keynotes-agile-on-the-beach/#ixzz2ePQoilUJ

If you have photos, blogs or content you would like to share please send to b.waldock(at)oxin.co.uk


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