Running Killer Workshops without killing yourself – Darci D Dutcher – Product Design 2016

Running Killer Workshops without killing yourself – Darci D Dutcher, LexisNexis

Good workshops are invaluable to companies and teams while bad workshops can be demoralizing and a waste of time. The session will cover tips and tricks that can be used to make sure workshops are a good use of the attendee’s time.   


People in software teams are increasingly expected to run workshops with customers, end users, team members, stakeholders and executives. This is not always a skill that comes easily, nor are many people given much support or training before being thrown into what can be a high pressure situation. This tutorial will cover tips and tricks I’ve learned in 15 years of facilitating workshops in a variety of countries, industries and situations. The exact content of the workshop will be selected by the participants, in “”choose your own adventure”” style.

Topics include
-how to spend the 10 minutes before the workshop begins
-how to get everyone to participate and how to get some people to stop talking!
-room set up for different outcomes
-choosing the right workshop format
-post-it note party tricks!

Darci is a user experience designer and agile consultant with a background in cognitive psychology and technology. Her first job was designing airplane cockpits and she has also done UX work in industries including healthcare, travel, finance, publishing, not-for-profit, compliance and technology. In addition to focusing on solutions that are delightful and easy to use, encouraging collaboration is one of the goals that Darci has wherever she goes.

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