Red, Green, then what? Adrian Mowat – Agile Software Delivery Workshop 2017

Red, Green, then what?  Adrian Mowat
3:15pm – 4:59pm Jul 6
The “refactor” step in TDD is deceptively simple: you just have to improve the code, without changing what it does, right? And the experts make it look so easy: “Look”, they say, “here’s some duplication, which I will remove by <insert magic incantation here>”. But how should you decide which “duplication” to remove first? What happens if you fix the “wrong” smell? And how do you even see that duplication in the first place? In this workshop you will learn the value of Coupling as a practical tool to help plan and manage refactoring. You will explore a smelly codebase using Connascence – an objective approach to discovering and measuring the important Coupling in an application. You won’t be writing any code, but please bring a laptop so that you can download the sample code and navigate it using your preferred IDE.


Sides : Red, then Green then what?

Adrian Mowat

Software Developer with a strong interest in writing systems that are
clean and easy to change, Software Craftsmanship and creating great