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Are projects agile? – Andy Longshaw, LexisNexis 2016

Are projects agile? – Andy Longshaw, LexisNexis


Most good software has a long life and evolves continuously, keeping pace with the needs of its users whereas, a project is a temporary structure. Some agile software projects have succeeded, and some have failed. What is it that differentiated those that succeeded from those that failed? Do projects even make sense in a truly agile software development context?

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Shirley Atkinson – Teaching Agile – Live Blog 2015

Shirley Atkinson is a lecturer and programme manager for BSC (Hons) Computing at Plymouth University. Shirley has a passion for ensuring industry relevant content is shared enthusiastically with students learning to become computing professionals. You can catch up with Shirley on Twitter. Continue reading

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Letita Fearon – This is Agile? – Live Blog 2015

Letitia Fearon is a Agile Business Analyst, currently with Lloyds of London, with over ten years experience. Letitia helps individuals, teams and organisations work effectively with Agile techniques, using Scrum, Lean or Kanban. You can catch up with Letita on Twitter. Continue reading

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