2016 Line Up

2016 Schedule and Brochure PDF Download

5 Tracks – Software Delivery, Teams & Practices, Product Design & Management, and Business, as well as a bonus track of 4 double workshop sessions.

2016 Keynote : Dr. Rebecca Parsons, ThoughtWorks’ Chief Technology Officer and Director of Agile Alliance.  Video Rebecca Parsons Keynote https://youtu.be/vn8vbnePOec

2016 Keynote: Dr Linda Rising, internationally known for her work in patterns, retrospectives, influence strategies, agile development, and the change process. Video : Linda Rising 2016 Keynote https://youtu.be/R8NWhf9iiKk    Linda Rising Keynote Slides

Video : End of conference Panel Discussion and Close

IMG_5420Software Delivery Track

All videos for this track are now uploaded and slides where received from our speakers.


IMG_5481Agile Teams & Practices


  • Team Motivation – Putting Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose into Practice – Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning (Autonomy), Andy Bowskill (Mastery), Chris Camacho (Purpose), CDK Global
  • Design a Degree 2.0 – Toby Parkins & Lyssa Fee-Crump, headforwards & Software Cornwall


IMG_5525Agile Business Track

  • Measuring Agile success – David Leach, SLIDES
  • Value – Andrea Provaglio, Agile Transformation Coach
  • Mindful Agile: The Foundation of How We Grow – Kamila Piorowska
  • Case Study: Seven Years of Agile – Paul Massey, Bluefruit
  • Does this FizzGood? Learn how to improve velocity, predictability & agility – Jon Terry, LeanKit
  • Can you be agile and compliant? – Stuart Ward, IDBS
  • Agile Marketing: The Incomplete Guide – Gez Smith. Bunny Picnic Ltd –  Slides
  • Agile accountants and other rare specimen – Corinna Baldauf, sipgate
  • Rising to the Agility Challenge – Dragan Jojic SLIDES
  • The Agile Business – DSDM – Ed Holt, DSDM SLIDES
  • Positive Distruption & Agile Trouble Making – Nigel Barker – MPAD


IMG_5518Product Design & Management

  • Iterative Persona  –  Adrian Howard, Quietstars  Slides http://www.slideshare.net/adrianh/iterative-persona
  • How to do effective research in an irrational world –   Kat Matfield, The Round/Silicon Milkround
  • UX and A3 Thinking: User First Problem Exploration – Cat Swetel, Tidal River & Mike Capeonero   SLIDES : http://www.slideshare.net/catswetel/aotb16-ux-a3-thinking
  • User testing on a shoestring – Dan Goodwin, fffunction SLIDES https://speakerdeck.com/bouncingdan/usability-testing-on-a-shoestring
  • Running Killer Workshops without killing yourself – Darci D Dutcher, LexisNexis
  • Using Landing Pages to Prove Business Value –   Luke Szyrmer, Launch Tomorrow
  • Faster feature discovery with Google Design Sprints –   Darwin Peltan & Alastair Lee, Product Pilot
  • Accounting for Agile software – Brett Ansley, Brett Ansley Consulting SLIDES
  • Growing Skills – IAMDIGITAL – Mike Trebilcock – Cornwall College
  • User Stories and other agile failures – David Espley, Lexis Nexis


IMG_5508Bonus Track

There will be 4 bonus interactive workshops this year at Agile on the Beach, all double sessions

  • Education for Engineers – Robert Chatley, Develogical Ltd / Imperial College London – SLIDES 14MB
  • How to bring your personas to life without needing an exorcist… – Michael Rawling, Unruly.co
  • TDD as if You Meant It – Keith Braithwaite, Zuhlke Engineering Ltd
  • Are projects agile? – Andy Longshaw, LexisNexis


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